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seeking out some fats chicks at bbw chan? do you need to feed fatties or ssbbws and need a weight benefit plan? i accept as true with bubba sparxxx positioned it fine when he said, “booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ anywhere.” sure certainly, mr. sparxxx, yes certainly.

there’s just nothing inside the world quite like a fats ass, is there? the way they jiggle whilst you hit it from behind. the way they defy gravity when they twerk. the stunning curves they form when they threaten to burst looks as if tight denims. i ought to stare at big beautiful booties all day lengthy. whether or now not they may be rockin’ everywhere.

i understand that i am a ways from alone in my love of bodacious ladies. the time period bbw, or big beautiful ladies in case you stay underneath a rock, has turn out to be used so often that it's miles now not only a porn acronym. the time period has executed what very few parts of adult culture manipulate to do. it has broken the threshold and crept into mainstream reputation. and i couldn’t be happier approximately it.

long gone are the days of the barbie doll discern being the best standard of splendor in society. where girls used to get speedy written off for being “fats,” now every guy and his brother has a component for curvy chicks. curves are in now, and it doesn’t look like they will be going away whenever soon. twenty first century america is the age of being “all approximately that bass…no treble.” so, maintain doing your issue, thick girls, i see you. and that i salute the booty.

at the side of the us’s newfound love for bbws, although, has come a incredible deal of war of words with regards to phrases. whilst does a “thick” lady turn out to be “curvy,” for example, and at what weight does a girl forestall being truely “curvy” and grow to be a bbw? a brief foray into 4chan and reddit groups will offer you with sufficient debate on the subject to make your head spin (and permit to be entertained for hours on quit). this distinction doesn’t appear to matter all that a great deal, though, to a website called bbw-chan.

4chan for fat chicks
as you may have observed, the site has taken their name from the famous imageboard website online, 4chan. they've additionally taken 4chan’s whole consumer interface and location layout. even though there's already a thread on 4chan devoted to bbws, seemingly the people behind didn’t think it become sufficient (bbws do require a whole lot of space in spite of everything). or perhaps bbwchan just didn’t need to accomplice themselves with the prolific stages of racist, sexist, xenophobic, and illegal content that has given 4chan its sordid recognition. wherein case, i in reality don’t blame them.
at any price, bbw chan is a thing, and thick girl fanatics everywhere can have fun. from the instant you land on the house page, it's going to appearance acquainted to 4chan customers. they've emulated the website’s design, even right down to the hentai woman that famously appears on 4chan’s homepage. this hentai lady, but, is (yup, you guessed it) quite fucking fat.

from the home page, you could navigate between threads. the options encompass “bbw real,” “bbw booty,” “bbw drawn,” “knockers,” and “inflation.” in my opinion, even though i clearly do admire curvy girls, my love of bbw women maxes out on the top quit of thick, so i'm glad to look that there are separate threads for human beings’s differing dreams. consequently, for my functions, i did most of my browsing in this web site locked into the “bbw booty” thread.

classified threads to separate content material
however, don’t fear, glaringly i ventured out of my comfort region for you unwell fucks! i’d in no way even heard of inflation before i visited this web site, in order that become exciting. permit’s spoil down the extraordinary threads: bbw actual is precisely what you probable anticipate based on its identify—real bbw women. and, just to be clean, after I say “real bbw,” what i actually imply is “fat.” this thread had nothing however huge ol’ women showing off their big our bodies. well, that and, in classic 4chan fashion, the occasional meme in-among content material.
the bbw booty phase become, like i stated, wherein i spent maximum of my time at the web site. not anything however massive and delightful booties. and, of course, shitty memes.

then there’s the phase, bbw drawn, which functions drawings of bbw girls. most of the drawings have been hentai-inspired. and most of them had been extraordinarily exaggerated (i’m speakme past morbid obesity). this is wherein you’d go to proportion either your very own artistic devotion to bbws or that of different artists you found online.

and for the very last thread on bbw-chan: inflation. now, this changed into exciting, to say the least. come to discover, there are weirdos obtainable who get off on rendered photographs of ladies with their tits or asses inflated to love 1,000 instances their herbal size?

BBWChan Review

The Good

loss of commercials
a success mock 4chan layout
brief and smooth posting

The Bad

loss of network engagement
constant meme interruptions