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are you still watching everyday, 2nd porn on a display screen with a static camera angle? come on. absolutely? it’s time to step up your fucking recreation. forestall living below a rock. the sector is full of new, modern ways to jerk off and you have to be taking full benefit of those strides in generation. you already know the ones one hundred eighty-diploma cameras they have that can help you seize stunning glimpses of scenic landscapes, intestine-wrenching shots from warzones, or assist you to test in on your favorite aged canine safe haven? yeah, well, they make porn with those cameras too. they assist you to step into the scene and manage what you notice. the possibilities are fucking endless!
today i have one top rate web site that has stepped as much as the plate and attempted their hand at curating content solely with 180 5k hd cameras. that site is xvirtual.com. now, my resources say that this web page has been around because 2000, but i incredibly suspect that they did exceptional shit again then due to the fact vr and one hundred eighty cameras had been still technology of the future back then. and additionally they have criminally low views, which makes me think this is a particularly new launch. most effective a touch over 100k perspectives consistent with month, coming up from 0 in july of 2018. so, yeah, they may be in reality new. with the individuality in their content material, they fucking deserve more than that. so, hopefully, they skyrocket right here quickly.
the charges replicate the particular nature and top rate factors of the website. however they have got monthly, 90-day, and 180-day memberships with distinctive discounts. it’s now not terribly pricey, however you better love the fucking content material, which i’ll get into here shortly. but, first, allow’s speak approximately web site format and design.
glossy, elegant landing web page
the landing web page could be very first-rate. darkish black layout with light grey boxes. it’s sincerely clean at the eyes. up pinnacle, you get a large ass banner preview that flips via some of their studies. they name them videos, but i think they're a good deal extra than that. below that, you get a segment for his or her most up to date/maximum famous studies after which a phase for new ones. and that’s it. that’s pretty plenty the complete website online. there aren’t any header menus or whatever like that. yeah, there’s a seek bar but you could pretty without problems flip through the 50 motion pictures they have.
no, that’s now not lots. however i’m getting in assuming they’ll be updating their catalog. and 50 films of this quality are nothing to scoff at, so don’t zip up and take your fap elsewhere just yet. keep that dick out and allow me give an explanation for why i think this web site is definitely pretty terrific.
up to 5k exceptional on every video, vr compatible, 60fps, and a 3-d sound level
firstly, each video here is vr like minded and helps video satisfactory as much as 1920p. that’s fucking insane. that is one of the first sites that i’ve visible boast that high of satisfactory. typically, that shit is simplest carried out through high finances movies or projects. there’s no keeping lower back here. and each vr system possible is supported. oculus, vive, equipment vr, daydream, ps vr, and even a mobile cardboard installation works. 50 motion pictures are starting to sound like plenty, proper?
and these films aren’t whatever like your everyday porn plots. yeah, they've a few “ordinary” films in which you fuck a pornstar or some thing, however that’s the very tip of the iceberg. these are experiences. in case you don’t get what i suggest allow me simply examine off 3 of the titles. “the beast from the woods, roswell alien ship, and freak residence: siamese twins.” holy fuck i love how crazy the content material right here is.
they may be capitalizing on the medium and without a doubt isolating themselves from the competition. it’s like an indie movie studio, but with high manufacturing values, a one hundred eighty-degree digital camera, and fucking porn! fuck, i’ve by no means seen a damn element adore it. i normally suppose i’m difficult to impress in terms of porn, however colour me very impressed.
hop right in with their amazing video player or download and keep the experience for later
but you need to understand approximately the content material and how it works. don’t fear. i’ve were given you. the previews are a terrific location to begin. they may be big, hd snap shots that flip thru extraordinary scenes whilst you hover your cursor. you get the name, video length, and an hd and vr tag within the rip proper. that’s it, however that’s genuinely all you need. those previews do thoroughly at presenting you with all the records you want to make a variety. but your sick interest will likely be the quality manual through these loopy titles.
you may browse all of the videos totally free, but you only get a 40-2d preview of the video before you have to pay for it. although that 40 seconds is probably a solid indicator for if you’ll be into this shit or not. when you click at the video you get tags, down load options (for premium individuals best), and a nicely-written precis of the video’s contents. oh, and you could scroll to the lowest to have a look at a gallery of pics from the video as nicely or check out a few comparable content material.
the video participant masses instantly, which is incredible for a 60fps 5k video. you may additionally toggle the excellent down to 920p if you’re having issues, but i discovered that the whole lot ran simply as smoothly at max settings even on cell. oh, and did i point out all of those videos have a 3D sound level? they fucking do. so, positioned your properly headphones on and revel in the wonderful, immersive sound design that makes you feel like you’re proper there within the action. those motion pictures additionally paintings without vr in case you were involved. you could nonetheless control the digital camera and get simply as a great deal out of the revel in as you will with a vr device.
cellular design brings the delivered advantage of a motion controlled digicam
the mobile model of the web page is first-rate. the whole lot is available and each function works simply because it does on desktop, besides you have the brought gain of movement controls on cell. fuck, i don’t suppose i ever concept i’d be speaking approximately porn video motion controls in any such critiques. that’s badass. but yeah, the website layout is customized simply quality for cellular gadgets. i expected nothing much less. this website has but to disappoint. i simplest noticed this on cell at first however on both versions of the web site, you can zoom in whilst the video plays to cognizance on sure matters with out sacrificing video first-rate.
theporndude’s favorite functions
which brings me to my favourite features about xvirtual.com. am i able to say everything? possibly not. so, i bet i’ll pick out one of the many good things approximately the web page. the sheer distinctiveness is the best thing happening here. hands down. want to fuck a mummy princess in vr? fucking move for it. want to watch via the eyes of a person taking place in considered one of the largest orgies ever? you can do it. and so, so much extra. it’s extremely good.
theporndude’s tips
you possibly notion i wouldn’t have any tips for this website online in any case of that fawning over it, but, fuck you, i do. i’d like to see a category web page added. maybe even a version web page for those sexy babes inside the films. however, specifically, i think they must expand and begin inclusive of 360 cameras within the destiny. i recognize that’s lots to invite, but it'd exceptional to show each path and notice something. the one hundred eighty is cool, however on occasion it takes you out of the scene when you turn too some distance left and notice nothing.
theporndude’s very last thoughts
usual, regardless of the small-ish catalog and premium price, i suggest checking this website out simply because it’s so exclusive from maximum different varieties of content material out there. i’d even pass and check out the loose stuff in case you don’t need to pay up. simply to get see what i’m talking approximately. however, in the long run, this website online shows what we can assume to see greater of in the destiny. i’m simply watching for haptic remarks, pulsating, vr compatible fuck dolls to turn out to be extra low cost. perhaps someday. but for now, don’t hesitate to move check out xvirtual.com and experience what the future of porn has to offer.

XVirtual Review

The Good

precise and progressive 180 diploma, 5k, 60fps porn with 3-d sound
wild, horny, and weird content material that you received’t locate some other place
vr like minded, cell guide, and downloadable videos

The Bad

no class page