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comics and animations are available all shapes and forms. you’ve were given parody comics, hentai, sfm, 3-d, and all that right shit. however, sometimes, you simply need some traditional, western-style porn comics to jerk off to. i’ve observed that proper western porn comics had been a lot tougher to get ahold of currently. i wager they simply haven’t been in fashion for a while. i get it. the art style is a like it or hate it form of deal for a variety of them. a few websites are still accessible, and wherein higher to get started than a great top rate web page that boasts frequent updates of their very own original collection?

that’s precisely the form of web site i’m talking about this time round. welcomix.com is a top class comic web page with authentic content, “lively” collection, and extra. it all’s executed in that western fashion that so lots of you attractive fucks obtainable love. i don’t discover it to be the most appealing artwork fashion, but i'm able to set apart my judgment right here for a minute and judge their website and selection. their numbers are excellent but now not some thing remarkable. round 500k views every month and mountaineering. but they’ve handiest been round due to the fact that 2015, so they’ve got masses of time to maintain on mountain climbing.

highly-priced top rate subscription can only be billed on a monthly basis
so, yeah, this site is a top class comic site, but, fortunately, you could browse samples pages from the comics earlier than you decide to a top class membership. i continually admire when websites try this. every so often the content isn’t for you, and, with other web sites, you’ll never recognise unless you dish out some cash. and who the fuck desires to do that?
that’d be like going out with some chick on tinder with out every seeing her profile photograph. who is aware of what you may end up with? particularly for the reason that this web page is pretty highly-priced as a long way as premium comedian websites go. you’ll be paying round 20 bucks for get entry to for welcomix.com handiest. but, good day, perhaps the content material is well worth it. we’ll see. it appears quite appropriate judging by means of the previews you get at the loose site. but they tease you constantly with the “see more” button, which, of route, directs you to a web page wherein you need to install your credit card statistics.

presently only 12 comedian series to pick from
the touchdown web page seems okay enough. the intense white historical past is worrying, however there’s no loopy banner ads, flashing films, or anything like that. it’s a easy design with a easy header up top for “domestic, all series, all titles, and support.” under that, you’ll see a list of previews for all in their comedian collection…all 12 of them. that’s proper, there may be a grand total of 12 exceptional collection. granted, every collection has its personal set of comic entries within it.
now, a number of these entries like “the naughty home” and “lively testimonies” have lots of entries. the first one having over thirty, and the second one set having properly over a hundred. but most people of the opposite collection would possibly best have 2-3 entries. that’s pitiful.

additionally, as a facet notice. the “animated memories” had no form of animation that i should find everywhere. it become just a couple nevertheless photographs with multiple pages of textual content as narrative. i enabled flash, tried other browsers, and everything. i couldn’t get those “animated cartoons” to play for the life of me. i’m guessing they suggest lively as in lively. i don’t fucking know. all i understand is that it’s misleading. rename it something like “erotic testimonies.”

not enough statistics within the previews
the previews aren’t excellent either. you get the title of the collection, a short description, and a thumbs up or thumbs down counter. that score gadget ought to be new, or the website is actually lifeless, due to the fact the best rated one is at 23. for a website that supposedly brings in 500k, that’s awful. and, simply, there isn’t a fucking comedian assume the preview. that’s some bullshit. no “closing updated” notice either, and that i think i can give an explanation for that closing element if nothing else.
none of these comics were up to date in fucking for all time. the most up-to-date addition to “the naughty domestic” in january of 2018. that’s an entire yr in the past as this is being written. they've one comedian collection “michelle’s diary” that become up to date in december 2018, but maximum of the alternative comics haven’t been up to date on the grounds that 2017 or maybe 2016. so, don’t count on a reliable movement of updates, even though the help page claims that they replace weekly. that’s just no longer proper, at the least now not anymore.

however it’s first-rate that they have a assist web page at all. you can submit a price tag pretty without difficulty, and the site promises 24/7 customer support. additionally, you could submit your personal content to the website online, however i’m not certain how regularly that takes place. it seems like they recognition totally at the established collection they already have.
extremely good comics performed by way of excellent artists
the actual comics vary wildly in length. a few are best a couple of panels with outdoor text, whilst others are actual complete-length comedian book entries. it’s quite demanding how fucking inconsistent it's far. however the comics are carried out quite nicely. there was manifestly a lot of paintings put into a number of those and people artists deserve a few credit score. i’m complaining approximately the web page mainly, no longer the artists who made those nut-busting porn comics.
you get pretty massive photographs of the comedian panels. certainly sufficient to study the text and respect every little detail. however saving them isn’t an choice. you may’t even proper-click on at the images to keep them. yeah, you can use a workaround, however there’s no clean manner to download those. oh, and there’s big ass watermarks across the again of every panel. i get no longer wanting your paintings stolen but come on. i’m buying this shit.

and the comedian navigation is pretty shit. you have to scroll thru and click on “subsequent web page” on every occasion. no arrow key functions in any respect. how do you've got a whole web page devoted to photo/comic galleries and now not include arrow key navigation? specifically on a website that i’m paying 20 greenbacks a month for. it’s simply unacceptable.

the entirety is higher at the cell version of the web site
the cellular web site is truly pretty properly. you can access all of the collection on there no trouble, plus the comics will load quicker. you could even swipe thru the pages. oh, however ensure you log off of the computing device model first due to the fact you can't be logged in locations without delay. it’ll make you wait two minutes earlier than it even helps you to try to log on once more if it detects you’re on desktop. other than that small quirk, i prefer the cellular model. it’s less difficult to apply and navigate.
theporndude’s favorite functions
my favored characteristic approximately welcomix.com is probably the manner the mobile web site is put together. i understand that’s form of a cope out considering that i simply referred to it, but, virtually, this website online became in general irritating to use otherwise. i wasn’t a large fan of the content, and the site become pretty horrific. there’s a respectable choice of content material, if this had been a free web site. to pay 20 dollars every month for that is way too high. if it had been $nine.ninety nine for the renewal or something that would be a bit more affordable.
theporndude’s pointers
see the above, ha. however, critically, replace the library and upload new content material greater often. keep in mind expanding and bringing in different comic artists. as is, it's going to be hard to justify renewing your club in this web page. upload the web site capabilities i mentioned above, too. comedian counts and replace dates in previews. arrow key features. this stuff are key to strolling an photograph gallery primarily based site like this.
theporndude’s final thoughts
keep a watch on these men. in the event that they exchange the way they’re currently doing matters, then i may want to see them being a respectable contender in the comic scene. but that’s a huge if. i bet we’ll see. that’s all i’ve got for you this time. theporndude signing off!

Welcomix Review

The Good

decent choice of western style porn comics
desirable cellular web page

The Bad

content isn't updated frequently
not a number of content for the excessive membership price
previews lack vital information
no arrow key navigation on laptop