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vr hush! we live in an age of technological revolution. ordinary, any individual invents a new tool or string of code that adjustments the arena and advances mankind via leaps and bounds. humanity is currently in a new form of evolution, one in order to merge man and machine, making us smarter and extra linked and capable than ever before. and at the leading edge of this extremely good technological revolution and transcendence of humankind is … pornography. vr pornography, to be genuine.
okay, perhaps vr porn isn’t exactly at the forefront of the singularity or something. i’m willing to admit that i'd have oversold it a little bit. it is able to even be a stretch to mention that it’s the top of technology merging with grownup enjoyment. there are ai developers and engineers in china, as an example, who have advanced operating intercourse robots. it’s only a depend of time earlier than the ones cybernetic sluts make it to the mass marketplace. honestly, digital truth porn’s days might be numbered.
then again, i ought to see vr porn sticking around, even in a international in which each lonely man owns a chinese intercourse robot. vr era is, after all, most effective getting higher. and who is aware of how those robots are going to look (as a minimum at first). i could see people throwing on their goggles and fucking their sex robots on the identical time. although the sex robots are as warm as can be, men will nevertheless want to fantasize. if you’re intercourse robot is a brunette, you’ll need to fuck a blonde now and again. well, throw on a few vr porn, fuck your robotic, and you’ll be accurate to head!
in the meantime, although, vr porn is without problems the maximum immersive porn revel in to be had to the masses. and, in my opinion, i fucking like it. there’s simply nothing else love it. once you revel in a few fantastic vr porn with a decent headset on, there’s nearly no going back to the normal 2d stuff. i imply, you do it as it isn’t precisely practical to immerse your self in a digital international on every occasion you need to fap, but those periods when you have a bit time to spare are fucking awesome.
there are not masses of vr porn web sites out there, but there are a few. a few are, as is the case with any porn site, tons higher than others, even though. of path, when critiquing a vr porn website, there are a few extra factors to preserve in thoughts. not handiest does the web site must be designed properly, the women hot, and the porn excessive pleasant, however the vr issue desires to be up to snuff.
what i search for in a first-rate vr porn web site is a superb sort of content (a number of vr sites have too few videos, or they're all too much like one another), an extended listing of like minded headsets, and an excellent use of the generation. i need films which might be shot in 360-ranges as well as one hundred eighty, surround sound recording (binaural if feasible), and women that understand how to have interaction with the 3D, vr revel in (not simply passively take the dick, but make eye contact with the digital camera, lean in, simulate kissing, and many others.). so, preserving all of this in mind, why don’t we test a famous web site known as vrhush.com and spot the way it stacks up.
right away impressed
from the moment i land on vr hush’s home page, before i’ve even logged in or some thing, i'm able to inform you that i fucking love the manner the website’s designed. the first element which you’ll observe is a massive banner on the pinnacle of the web page showing a still photograph of a horny blonde using a man in opposite cowgirl. in the middle of the banner is the vr hush logo and “discover a brand new global of virtual reality porn” both inscribed interior an define of a vr headset. then, once you flow your mouse over the banner, wonder, you absolutely get to experience a small sample of vr porn; the factor of view of the picture inside the banner without a doubt movements along with your mouse!
i assume this is truly fucking cool and a few tremendous website online design / branding. even if you’ve in no way heard of vr porn before coming to this web page, you without delay understand what it is and the way it works thanks to the manner this web site is put together. however enough of the house web page, rattling it, allow’s log in and spot what’s in save for us within the members place, shall we?
nicely, it shouldn’t come as a lot of a marvel, however the web page layout is still on factor as soon as interior. you’ve got a sensible, sparse menu bar on the top and, straight away, a group of large thumbnails to choose from and a brief way to toggle thru how they are organized: modern day, top rated, and popular. vr hush isn't always fucking round; it’s immediately to the porn, no bullshit. recognize!
if you hold scrolling down, eventually you will find a section categorised famous models. here, you’ve got 8 of vr hush’s most lusted after vixens to test out. i like the way they switched the thumbnail length and form right here too. as opposed to the horizontal, medium-sized thumbnails of the films section, the web site gives manner to larger vertical pictures of the models, permitting the right view of their curves. clicking on one, brings you to her profile page in which you will discover a complete list of stats, a brief bio, and all of the vr hush motion pictures she seems in.
however let’s go back as much as the top of the page for a moment to see how we will method surfing this web page even extra. going back up to that website online menu bar i said in advance, you may find a few tabs: discover (dropdown: brand new, upcoming, favorites, watch listing, and top rated), fashions, girl p.o.v., and second movies. no longer most effective is the whole thing of this website online easy to get to and consumer friendly, but they have got every consumer in thoughts as well, now not just the dude with a vr headset sitting in his mother’s basement.
as inclusive as it's far immersive
i suppose it’s absolutely fucking excellent that they have lady pov films as nicely. why shouldn’t the women be capable of have some amusing on vr hush as nicely? female pov porn is uncommon enough in standard, so for vr hush to provide virtual reality porn from a lady attitude is massive. come on in, ladies, the waters pleasant! the most effective downside to the lady pov videos, although, is that wherein the vr attitude cuts off (the fashions head) often reasons an annoying obstruction of the pov model’s tits. this is something, i’m positive, so as to be advanced upon within the future no doubt.
another super characteristic that vr hush gives that sets it other than its virtual truth porn competition is the truth that they offer special 2d porn as well. maximum vr porn studios simply stick with 3-d virtual reality porn. that’s their shtick and their sticking to it. not vr hush, although, they apprehend the importance of supplying something for everyone. maybe you’re on vacation, for example, and also you didn’t need to take up precious bag area for your clunky vr headset, with vr hush you don’t ought to move porn-less. you may revel in one of the many outstanding conventional pornos they offer as well. it’s like they’ve concept of everything. that is the sign of a notable porn website online.
you may also do all the common top rate porn web site varieties of things on vr hush. you may “like” films, upload them for your favorites, add to an eye later listing, and touch upon them. it doesn’t look like many users are taking benefit of the remarks section, though. and, shit, i don’t blame them. what are you going to attempt and kind a few shit with a vr headset on? no thank you.
vr hush is well matched with a huge variety of headsets and software program. experience unfastened to use your htc vive, oculus tool, samsung equipment vr, playstation vr, or telephone through google cardboard or a few comparable form of gadget. if you don’t recognise what google cardboard is and you’ve taken into consideration vr inside the beyond, however are on a price range, i highly recommend looking it up … it makes vr lower priced for almost every person by using turning your cellphone right into a vr headset. quite cool stuff.
all in all, i fucking love vr hush. i’m without a doubt wracking my mind proper now simply looking to think of something to criticize and i will’t think about something. it’s easily one of the satisfactory vr porn sites i’ve ever reviewed, and i will’t wait to be achieved reviewing it so that i'm able to move returned, strap on my google cardboard, unzip, and slip into a pornier size. glad fapping, faggots!

VRHush Review

The Good

remarkable first-rate vr pornos
some of the sexiest porn stars inside the industry
first rate 2nd porn as nicely
male and lady pov porn to be had
excellent web site layout
suitable blend of 180 and 360-degree videos

The Bad