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Velamma Comics

velamma comics? indian sex comics are a quite niche style, even via my weird fucking standards. however it’s accessible. and these things is sincerely sort of hot. now, those varieties of comics typically aren’t my pace. the drawing fashion is a peculiar combination of western comics and a comic e-book-y look that isn’t it for me. now not like that subjects even though. i don’t like getting shit or pissed on, but that doesn’t prevent the leagues of loopy bastards available who do. don’t fear, i’ll nonetheless come up with all the juicy info. there are thousands and thousands of you attractive fucks available who love this type of shit. isn’t just any indian porn comedian web page. this website is pretty fucking premium. we’re talking upwards of 20 bucks a month for their membership in case you pass month-to-month. who is aware of, these is probably the satisfactory comics you’ll ever lay your eyes on. we’ll see. a lot of humans seem to experience them enough to maintain coming returned with proper round 2.5 million views each month. that increase is very recent although. previous to november of 2018, they were plodding along at around 300-500 thousand. and that they have been around for the reason that 2011, so they ought to have made some sort of large exchange recently to attract on this large ass target market.

three series to pick out from, however most effective one is updates frequently
so, works a chunk differently than your everyday comedian hub. they've a complete of 3 collection “velamma,” “velamma desires,” and “veena.” velamma is the principle man or woman of the first . she’s an indian aunty with massive titties, a nice ass, and a number of sexual desires. inside the 2nd installation “velamma desires” all the comics are about velamma exploring her sordid sexual fantasies in her desires. like blowing a medical doctor, having a threesome, or moving into a gangbang with a gaggle of dudes off the street.
veena is her daughter and those comics follow her kinky escapades as well. scenes like hooking up with “terrible boys” in clubs. there are a few artists that contribute to all of the comics, but the artwork fashion stays quite consistent. so, don’t count on any large modifications in that regard. identical cope with the scripts. most of them are finished by way of the same few writers. and each episode may be examine in english or hindi, so you can enjoy them irrespective of in which you're! well, maybe. if you don’t thoughts being in reality behind. the hindi comics are around 20 episodes at the back of right now. the final actual replace for the hindi translated comics as way returned in 2017. you can possibly grow to be fluent in english by the time they launched a translated episode.

simple, clean to use website online
the homepage has a graceful black and white layout. not anything too complicated. the homepage automatically puts you on the velamma series page in which the comics run from most recent to oldest. above the previews, you get a quick creation to the series. the header lets you turn among the 3 collection, head to their assist web page, test out a number of their loose episodes if you may’t manage to pay for the steep membership, or switch the language of the website online between english and hindi.
previews provide you with the quilt and title of the comic, a score out of 5 stars, a quick description of the plot, whilst the comedian become uploaded, and which episode inside the series it's miles. velamma has 91 episodes presently, with the remaining replace being below per week in the past. velamma dreams has 14 episodes and hasn’t been updated since 2014. veena handiest has 13 episodes, but that series was up to date lower back in august of 2018. now not extraordinarily lengthy in the past, i bet. the upload schedule for all of these may be very inconsistent, even on the velamma web page. it’ll get launched every month for a while, then drop off for a few months.

the comedian web page lets in you to go away comics, turn among chronological episodes, or download the whole comedian. it’ll all down load as a pdf report for clean studying. in case you don’t sense like downloading some thing, then you may read all of the comics on website. the reader they have got set up is superb. you can flip between the pages using the arrow keys, complete-screen pages, or percentage character pages together with your indian porn comedian-loving buddies.
comics have attractive and engaging stories that draw you in
i found myself enjoying the comics extra than i anticipated i'd. the testimonies are all right. not anything big inside the way of severe individual improvement, but it nevertheless made for some amusing reading. after all, i’m no longer here for the plot arcs. i’m right here to look some hot portions of indian ass doing kinky shit. and that’s precisely what you get. the comics manipulate to live sparkling with the situations, despite having almost 100 episodes. although you received’t get much out of doors of the extra vanilla geographical regions of porn. the fetish content is honestly lacking, however it likely comes right down to the artists' preference. i consider moving from attractive blowjobs to bdsm torture chambers might be jarring besides.
the more recent comics are launched in elements, with each component having scheduled release dates. the updates may be everywhere in the area, but at the least you can get a wellknown idea of when shit is going to come out. their newest comic “like mom, like daughter-in-regulation” has the following couple releases scheduled to pop out with the aid of the end of this month. it’s now not a terrible machine, but i feel like they need some more artists or something to hold all of the series updated.

simple mobile website does everything the laptop model can
the cell version of the web page works just pleasant. you can log in, view all your preferred velamma comics, download them, and do all that cool shit right on your phone. for the reason that web page design was easy, to start with, the mobile web page is a easy port. the simplest element that changes is that the menus are tucked away underneath dropdowns. aside from that, you could expect to paintings just as properly on cell. oh, and you don’t must fear approximately advertisements here. that have to pass without saying for a top class web site, but you can’t even take that for granted anymore.
theporndude’s favorite functions
my favorite thing about is that they have an established series. such a lot of different comic web sites have masses of random porn comics on there with zero continuity or topic. it’s wonderful for variety, however from time to time it’s first-class to have a walking subject matter or plot. the characters emerge as acquainted and you begin looking forward to what they will do and how they will do it. i used to be absolutely balloting for velamma to fuck that sexy health practitioner once more, however my hopes had been dashed. perhaps in a future problem, who is aware of.
the general website format and such turned into splendid too. it become clean to comment, transfer languages, down load, examine descriptions, and all that. one of the higher consumer reviews i’ve had, in particular on a porn comics web site.

theporndude’s suggestions
my primary suggestions for is to lower that steep club price and to update their comics extra frequently. i get that the yearly deals knock off like 50 bucks off of the month-to-month, the dropping almost 200 bucks on a porn comedian that’s updated as soon as a month is lots to fucking ask. mainly on account that this website is just comics. you don’t get animations, films, or anything else. this is the type of shit you're making a patreon for, now not build a whole club software around. and that’s not saying it’s terrible. it’s exact satisfactory content material, however not really worth the steeply-priced charge tag. like the ones steeply-priced jap culmination. you may dress it up all you need. a melon is still a melon.
theporndude’s final mind
typical, has a fuck ton of terrific indian porn comics. the site is brilliant, the person revel in is high-quality, but the asking rate is a piece plenty. you’ll be left watching for comics for a bit and you higher like the artwork fashion and plot, because you’ll be stuck with it. it might be worth it if you definitely just like the artist and the work they placed out, in any other case i'd advocate skipping on this one. there are unfastened indian porn comics out there with similar styles.

Velamma Comics Review

The Good

masses of hot indian porn comics
tale and plot that develops because the comics come out
great consumer revel in and location design

The Bad

steep membership contest
inconsistent updates
no longer lots of range