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horny and humorous! welcome to a place that’s full of guffaws and complete of wanks. the site focuses on each the humorous and sexy because the call could advise and attempts to convey it to your display screen as authentically as possible. now, i don’t know about you, however i really like me a chunk of banter when it comes to intercourse. it allows maintain things fresh. i’ve long past thru so many girls that i would absolutely are becoming tired of sex if i didn’t use a bit bit of humor right here and there to spice things up.

need to jack off or snicker frantically? you may do each right here
you’ll word that attractive and funny has plenty of both forms of content so entertainment is never too a ways away. a few clicks and you’ll be both jerking your dick off, otherwise you’ll be giggling your ass off. both way, you’re expected to have a good time here, so loosen up and revel in your self, due to the fact amusing is what sexyandfunny is all approximately. there’s usually outstanding content anticipating you across the nook right here so permit’s test each the sexy and funny sides of this place.
the best manner to find the separation among these forms of content is in case you take a look at the submenu of the movies tab. you’ll word that you’ve got a desire among horny motion pictures and humorous movies right here. now, relying to your mood you’ll pick out one or the opposite and this may open up an entire complete new universe to you. i say universe motive the wide variety of videos in both of these classes is honestly huge. i’m no longer making this shit up, those repositories are just large.

sexy videos galore, over 500 pages of them
let’s start with the sexy films tab which has over 500 pages of awesome porn movies. here you’ll find all kinds of stuff, geared up to match any want that you may have. one element remains the equal although, this region is all about explicit content material. you’ll find a few safer for work movies within the humorous motion pictures tab which we’ll communicate approximately later. this vicinity nevertheless has some fun films though, and they’re not all just regular porn both. those are a few very amusing plots so you’ll truly owe these motion pictures a snort or when you watch them.
one component that’s unique and particular to this website is the inclusion of score systems. you can both charge the videos at the attractive scale and fee the videos on a funny scale. this manner the users will know what they’re getting themselves into after they open the video up. now if you’re like me, you’re going to want the ones ratings as excessive up as viable, and that i imply each of them. there’s nothing the porn dude likes extra than a terrific snicker at the same time as staring at the maximum top notch pair of tits i’ve ever visible.

less humorous videos, however they’re quality content
all right, so what’s up with that funny movies tab? properly, it’s a lot tamer than the attractive tab. if all you could see in that different tab become bare chicks and porn, then right here it’s going to be greater targeting horny shaggy dog story videos. you’ll note that there’s plenty much less content material on this tab as nicely. just beneath 30 pages of films is sufficient to get you with the aid of, but there’s manifestly no balance between this place and the horny films tab. so i think that this website requires lots greater funny content material so one can be balanced out.
you’ll additionally word that most of those humorous films are up on youtube and that those are simply embedded links for the movies which means you’ll get the adequate velocity for the video each single time. the other video participant that’s made in this website online may be a bit more slow, but it gets the task completed and you can still experience all the content and not using a hassle by any means. it would still be nicer if porn video gamers may want to in shape the rate of the youtube player, but that’s nevertheless wishful wondering.

the design is iffy, but the colorations are quality
okay so let’s speak a bit about the design of you men realize that i am getting off at the layout whilst i really like it. regrettably, i'm able to’t say that i like the way this website looks. first of all, just take a look at that low-res brand. i suggest, come on guys, you couldn’t even make your brand a high sufficient decision? i will depend the pixels just by using looking at your website on the vanilla proportions, i don’t even need to zoom in. the whole presentation of the logo on is just messy and blurry and looks extra like an art undertaking that a 6th grader did for computer magnificence than an actual emblem made through a legit photo clothier.

SexyAndFunny Review

The Good

splendid content material in both the horny and humorous category
cool functions beneath each tab

The Bad

an extremely low-res logo searching ugly as hell
now not a fan of the three-D effects at the tabs
manner less humorous movies than sexy ones