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Nifty Stories

nifty erotic testimonies archive! erotic literature is the oldest shape of smut recognised to guy. it was porn earlier than porn become invented. relationship back to the times of historical greece, epic erotic poems had been mainly how humans used to get their fap on. well, in among having gay butt intercourse with each other, of direction (look it up, it changed into a totally commonplace hobby in historic greece).
erotic lit has survived for the duration of the ages, although, and continues to be a popular form of smut even in these days’s day and age. that’s proper, accept as true with it or not, even with billions upon billions of movies of the arena’s most up to date girls getting fucked in any and every manner possible at our instant disposal with not anything greater than the click of a mouse, some humans nevertheless choose to examine their porn.
and that i need to say, i recognize their dedication to literature. i mean, i’m a writer through career and i don’t even study erotic lit to get off. i would positioned money on the general public of erotic lit readers being girls or gay, though. i just don’t see directly guys fapping to flowery language sans something to visually assist them out. what am i able to say? we’re a group of uncultured swine, it’s proper.
i'm able to sincerely see the attraction to erotic lit, though. there may be something sensual about surely right writing. i’ve even examine books and tales that have made me hard before (upon which i, of route, right away set the book down, opened up porn hub, and fapped myself to fruition). however reading some thing to orgasm? i don’t recognize. i just don’t see it occurring for me. however, hello, i’m open-minded, perhaps i’ll give it a shot some time.
there are hundreds of web sites and sources for the extra sapiosexual leaning, literarily-minded horndogs obtainable to pick from. many of that have a form of discussion board-style, network-oriented feel to them. lots of which permit their customers to post and publish their own work. not many of which, but, had been round for as long as nor have many (if any) received the equal degree of admire or educational attention.
toughness, community, productivity
nifty is an archive of erotic tales that has been round on the grounds that 1992. is it just me, or is that fucking crazy? i didn’t even recognise there had been websites in 1992, let alone porn sites. the archive is simply significant too, with “over 264,000 tales through more than 15,000 authors,” in line with the website’s homepage banner. now that’s a fuck ton of erotic lit. and the great part? it's miles all one hundred% unfastened.
now not most effective is the web site an absolute behemoth, but it's far designed properly (for an erotic lit web site). i don’t realize what it's miles, however erotic lit internet site designers appear to have a whole lot of trouble growing an exciting, clean to use, aesthetically desirable on-line revel in. such a lot of similar websites that i’ve been to are simply awful to study and even more difficult to navigate. i don’t hate nifty’s layout, though.
i mean, should it be better? honestly. but it's miles a ways from the worst erotic lit website layout i’ve ever seen. it’s easy … a touch dated in its wallpaper-fashion heritage and blue hyperlinked textual content, certain, but no longer terrible.
simply underneath the banner on the home page, you will locate 4 bins to pick from, all of which incorporate selected new testimonies, broken into sections through sexual orientation and identification: homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. ok, i’m excited about same representation of sexual identities and shit, but does nifty have no heterosexual content? i guess we’ll need to see.
under these featured tales is an easy-click button to “submit a story.” i really like how instant and convenient nifty makes it for users to percentage their paintings. i constantly appreciate it whilst arts community websites like this exit of their way to encourage participation. there’s not anything snooty, elitist, or exceptional approximately it—how it should be.
underneath that clean publish button, you’ll discover a listing of new nifty announcements (news regarding the web page, new guides, and so forth.), an area to donate to nifty, and a listing of recent donors. the website operates entirely on consumer donations and it might seem like they have a pretty lively and keen community of users to again it up.
no longer only are you able to donate without delay via the web site, but after taking a have a look at nifty’s bulletins, it seems like they also arrange actual-world fundraisers. in different phrases, if you are seeking out a supportive community of fellow erotic lit lovers, nifty is probably just what you want.
giving donations and taking part in fundraisers aren’t the simplest ways for users to aid nifty, though. within the menu bar on the top of the website, you’ll additionally discover a button categorized “keep.” clicking right here will hyperlink you to nifty’s café press website, wherein you could purchase nifty merch, such as t-shirts, hoodies, polos, espresso mugs, tote bags, even underclothes. howdy, in case you’re a proud creator of erotica, maybe a nifty t-shirt is simply what you want.
also located within the website’s menu bar are links to “records” (dropdown: homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, bestiality [huh…], information, first-rate of nifty, magazine entries, and some featured authors), new tales, authors, donate, and a search bar. unusual that nifty affords a unique featured section for stories approximately fucking puppies or some thing, however i nonetheless have not come across any hetero erotica to enjoy. i guess the directly, white male author virtually is lifeless as soon as and for all.
i love that nifty is absolutely advert-free. i assume the donation model is a wonderful one for a domain like this to lean into, and i am past happy to look nifty taking complete benefit of that. i fucking despise advertisements, mainly whilst they may be needless, so i applaud the people at nifty for locating an alternative way of retaining the web site up and strolling for a majority of these years.
please update your reader, nifty
one aspect i hate, to switch gears for a second, about nifty, although, is the manner the memories are without a doubt formatted. i know i went on a protracted thing in advance about how extremely good nifty’s web site layout is to different community-orientated erotica websites i’ve seen and shit. but i'm tempted to take that reward returned after seeing their actual story show.
it’s lousy. it seems like a person simply copied and pasted a .txt record and clicked “publish.” the formatting is some distance from uniform. it's miles uninteresting. there are not any pages. it’s simply sloppy and, frankly, a bit lazy in case you ask me, from a website layout perspective. that is, but, par for the course when it comes to erotic lit web sites. i don’t understand why the folks that create and moderate these web sites can’t put a touch extra notion into their major occasion: the erotica.
does nobody value the idea of a pleasing reading experience? why is it that all of those websites just throw undeniable text onto a white background and make contact with it a day? there are such a lot of higher ways to provide text that it just boggles my thoughts once I see this sort of shit. it seems cheap, novice, and rushed. i noticeably advise that the human beings of nifty use a number of that donation cash to broaden a exceptional e-reader thing to the website. it doesn’t even have to be some thing fancy, simply some thing other than apparently randomly formatted textual content on a white web page!
some updates ought to help, but a very good site average
apart from that, although, i like what nifty is doing standard. lots of analyzing fabric, a strong platform for writers of erotica to exhibit their work (specifically those from underrepresented groups), and a enormously lively and engaged community of authors/readers. if you’re searching out hetero smut, nifty probably isn’t the region for you. but, alternatively, nearly another website online at the internet is for you, so, suck it up, snowflake.
i would really like to peer nifty spend money on a higher reader. i also suppose that imparting a manner for authors to get feedback, like a comments segment on tales, for instance, would be extraordinary too. us writers are always looking to improve and, so, being capable of read comments from readers of our genre is helpful. i'd just like to peer a few extra attempt positioned into improving and updating the website in preferred and clearly embracing that engaged community with an boom in interactive functions.
all in all, although, you are not going to ever run out of reading fabric on nifty. it’s an sizable archive of erotic lit with a purpose to get all hot and afflicted to. so, take a seat again, unzip, and revel in, ya filthy perverts!

Nifty Stories Review

The Good

the stories are well written
the shop is well equipped
huge archive of stories
an active, engaged community
donation-based model

The Bad

a shitty online reading experience
lack of community features
a couple contests couldn’t hurt