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mommys woman! i have never been dissatisfied with any web site in the girlsway network, and i doubt mommy’s lady will be any distinctive. for those of you who are unusual with girlsway, it is an american porn studio that produces completely lesbian porn. extra in particular, girlsway has a tendency to attention on narrative-pushed, terrific lesbian porn to be genuine. it's miles, for me besides, inside the brilliant memories and extremely super production of the porn where girlsway clearly sets itself apart from the other top rate porn studios out nowadays.

i was never a big fan of lesbian porn, if i’m being honest, till i visited girlsway for the primary time. within the beyond, my stance on the matter went something like this: because i watch porn to place myself inside the sexual conditions presented (aka i consider the porno dick fucking the chicks as my very own dick fucking the chicks) and there may be no region for a person in lesbian porn (no dick = no me in at the intercourse); therefore, i reasoned, as i can't challenge myself into the scenes in lesbian porn, there may be no factor in my viewing lesbian porn.

then i noticed girlsway, which made me recognize that i don’t always have in order to envision myself in the porn to enjoy it. i can constantly take a seat returned and locate delight in watching those stunning ladies exploring and discovering their personal pleasures. i can, it turned out, be kind of like a voyeur to lesbian intercourse, if not a player. now i am on board.

revitalizing the lost artwork of tale in porn
of all of the sites within the girlsway network, mommy’s woman has to be one of the kinkiest in its premise: sexy teen chicks fucking their maternal figures. extra often than no longer it's miles the female’s “stepmom.” again, even though, in conventional girlsway style, mommy’s lady is for porn fanatics who additionally recognize the misplaced art of tale in porn.
allow me to demonstrate what i suggest precisely after I consult with "tale". because i don’t mean what you idiots are possibly thinking: oh, dude, like, so, this hot chick, like, grants pizza to some other hot chick, and then, like, when she opens the pizza container, her pussy is in it. no, the stories on mommy’s woman are complex and amazing original (which is all too uncommon in porn nowadays in general).

in one specially highly spiced video, “towards home,” jill cassidy tests the mail and reveals that she has received a letter from the college she implemented for and was truly hoping to get into. too nervous to open it, she sits down on the sofa. after some time of constructing up the courage, subsequently, she tears open the envelope. at that very moment, her stepmom, kendra james, walks in and sits beside jill as she reads the letter.

with a massive smile on her face, jill looks up excitedly at her mom and tells her she has been conventional to alaskan college [kind of a weird school to be your top pick, but whatever]. kendra, but, isn't always so pleased by way of the news. “alaska is just too a long way,” she tells jill, “didn’t we talk approximately you staying closer to domestic?”

kendra suggests the nearby network college as an alternative, insisting that it would be better for jill to slowly ease into the revel in of college while not having to be too far from domestic. jill certainly does not agree with her stepmom, although, claiming that alaskan college has the fine program for her primary. jill doesn’t budge, even when kendra gives to shop for her a automobile.

“'but would not you' kendra asks with a sultry bat of her stunning eyelashes, caressing jill's arm softly,” reads the scene’s synopsis, “'would not you leave out our time collectively?' kendra asks as she hikes up her skirt, pulling aside her panties to enticingly display her shaved pussy. jill gasps at the sight of it, biting her lip. 'would not you miss your stepmother's love?' kendra asks. of path, jill might, and he or she straight away suggests kendra how lots she might omit it, bending down and tonguing her stepmother's clit eagerly.”

come on. call a further porn studio offering that plenty backstory and seductive movement. oh, and if you are not a large porn tale character, no need to fear, all of that handiest takes approximately two and a half, three minutes tops to transpire. so, you aren’t having to take a seat round through an entire episode of a sitcom or anything before the action begins.

and once the motion does begin, it's miles fucking lovely. you don’t must sacrifice some thing with mommy’s woman. you’re not getting subpar porn in vicinity of a notable story, and also you are not getting a subpar tale in location of incredible porn. plus, including on the reality that you have the hottest youngster ladies in bed with the sexiest cougars within the porn industry these days, there’s a little something for every body on mommy’s lady (properly, everyone except for gay dudes, i suppose).

high-quality, minimalist, easy to use site layout
the web page layout and format itself may be very one-of-a-kind from your ordinary top rate porn paysite. this is due to the fact a subscription to mommy’s woman is really a subscription to the whole lot of adult time (the larger porn agency that owns girlsway and, accordingly, mommy’s female). so, when you log into, you are surely delivered to the girlsway-unique portal web page of the person time member’s location.
while you might anticipate to find a black background, a big banner at the top of the web page after which a gaggle of prepared thumbnails, you may find a white history, a narrow banner with a menu bar, and then a few vital dropdown menu selectors that allow you to without difficulty sift through all the content on the girlsway network. mommy’s girl will, of path, be decided on because the default studio (because you logged in via it), but you can also select girlsway originals, net younger, girls attempt anal, intercourse tape lesbians, or all sites.
also, simply above the hunt effects might be three more dropdown options that will help you filter content material. do so with the aid of category (checking off the container of simply one or as many as you want), porn stars, and collection. additionally, pick out the way you want films to be ordered … pick out from latest updates, most viewed, maximum rated, and coming soon. each time you modify your selection, movies will become quick and robotically filtered based on your parameters. it’s pretty fucking first rate and high-quality easy to use.

then, of direction, you may constantly click on the adult time member’s vicinity button at the top of the page to immediately advantage access to all seventy seven of person time’s websites at no additional charge. this needs to be, with the aid of some distance, the quality deal on top class club porn available at the internet these days.

active and engaged community of users
what’s more is that the customers of mommy’s woman are very lively and engaged in the comments section of the films. every video i clicked into has almost a popular reddit thread’s range of remarks and replies to go together with it. so, if a experience of network is something that is vital to you in relation to finding out what porn websites you'll subscribe to, properly, you'll sincerely have plenty of fellow pornoholics to shoot the shit with (earlier than and when you shoot your loads).
plus, on mommy’s female, there’s a terrific risk which you won’t just be fapping and speaking to all dudes. i’m willing to wager a fair share of ladies common this website as well. with any luck, that doesn’t scare you cucks off…

all in all, mommy’s girl is a top notch web site that gives a strictly lesbian take at the taboo / “incest” kink trend taking up the porn enterprise these days. even though i commonly kind of flinch on the concept of incest porn, by some means it feels much less gross whilst it’s a lesbian taboo courting. i don’t recognize if it’s because it certainly occurs tons less often in actual lifestyles or what, but the idea of a father sincerely fucking his daughter seems a lot more despicable to me than a mother committing the equal act. has mommy’s woman observed a manner to make incest porn palatable for the masses?

i like mommy’s female’s elaborate storylines (that don’t get too within the way of the actual porn), the incredible scenes, the extraordinarily gorgeous girls, the range (milf and youngster fans can both have a good time alongside taboo porn heads), the clean and minimalist web page design, and the very lively community of users. add on pinnacle of all that the reality that you get access to 76 different web sites enthusiastic about one charge, and it’s a no brainer.

in other words, in case you love and admire the female shape, you need to prevent what you’re doing and go sign on for mommy’s female proper now.

MommysGirl Review

The Good

different lesbian porn with a "mommy" twist to it
beautiful actresses
brilliant website online layout
bang to your dollar

The Bad

not anything. except for the reality that i’m not fucking those stunning ladies!