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want to peer some fucked up shit at live leak? are you the type of man or woman that loves car crash compilations? do you find your self taking on the tv and casting gore movies to it, lots to every body else’s dismay? well, i'd have the content material for you. in case you’re that excessive on your every day existence, then i should probable hedge my bets on you being into a few really fucked up porn. don’t worry, there’s no judgment right here. just make certain you preserve this shit below lock and key. your buddies in all likelihood realize you’re a sicko, however you must nevertheless clean that browsing history. you don’t want to see too insane, proper?

anyway, i’m speakme approximately the site that’s home to isis decapitation movies, viral media, gore, fights, and all types of fucked up shit. and this web site is pretty huge with nearly 30 million traffic each month. they were around for quite a few years below one of a kind domains, but the content has remained the equal.

which in all likelihood leads to your query “what the fuck does this website online ought to do with porn?” come on, don’t be naïve. there’s a ton of porn here. no, it’s not your studio shit or maybe your traditional bdsm fetish porn. it’s more content about loopy matters that have took place. like humans fucking at the top of the pyramids, or a video of a couple having sex in the road getting run over by means of a vehicle. cringe at that one? then i endorse staying far from this one. it’s truly now not for the faint of coronary heart.

awesome web site layout, layout, and lively previews
but permit’s do the rundown as if this were your normal antique porn site. how does the format and design stack as much as the relaxation of the greater porn-centric sites? now not badly. it’s got a crimson backdrop with white bins for the content material. the pink without a doubt gives in that severe experience earlier than you even click on on a video. the front page is organized by way of “ought to see” after which “featured” motion pictures. you could trade that to sort by ongoing publicizes. you could change many kind alternatives on the the front page, however you can pop around to any of the sections within the header and get to where you want to head. oh, and make sure to disable “secure mode” up in the top right earlier than you cross any in addition if you want to see any form of porn.
now, there’s no dedicated porn phase. so, you’ll should move in and try to locate precise shit to fap to, which i’d say is pretty hard to do. stay leak isn’t virtually built around you jerking off to the content. it’s a whole lot extra of a surprise aspect sort of deal. more "gore porn" than actual everyday porn. that’s no longer a bad factor, unless you had been in reality needing to bust a nut. simply move into this site knowing that you in all likelihood gained’t be seeing plenty porn. as an instance, the featured videos are things like “india: 3 horned cow,” “snake slithers into police station,” and “police fatally shoot utah man.” it’s extra like youtube than it's miles like redtube.

heaps of classes, however none committed to porn
the kinds inside the header are “information & politics, yoursay, liveleakers, need to see, syria, ukraine, center east, entertainment, wtf, russia, or more.” you’re now not definitely going to find extra porn in any of these categories as compared to each other, but each page is quite nicely put together. you could scroll through and check out the previews and titles to see if any trap your eye. the previews are really worth bringing up here. they may be lively and go through an awesome few seconds of the content, so that you can see what you’re stepping into, but they don’t show too much because the shock thing is what this website online is all about. really click on in at your very own threat.
apart from being an lively preview, you get a decent little bit of data right here in comparison to other websites. you get a identify, quick description, date leaked, views, person who uploaded, how many votes it has, and what number of comments there are. the handiest aspect high-quality i thought turned into missing turned into the video length. it’d be excellent to know if i was stepping into some thing 1 minute lengthy or 20 mins long. you don’t get that statistics till you simply click on the video.

LiveLeak Review

The Good

plenty of additives
extreme clips
splendid web site layout
minimum ad muddle
solid mobile revel in

The Bad

it’s no longer made for porn!