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I Know That Girl

iknowthatgirl! how typically have you been looking porn and wanted you'll come upon a female ? perhaps you’re even fortunate sufficient to have surely achieved so at some point. i realize it happens. every every so often, you spot a remark beneath a video wherein a person says “hiya, i went to school with this slut! satisfied to see she’s doing big matters.” that’s the dream, right? that allows you to discover a hot chick in porn which you without a doubt recognise? properly, perhaps not the dream. the actual dream is really banging her yourself. but finding her in porn is a pleasant comfort prize, is it no longer?

that is, at least for me, one of the large attracts of newbie porn. glaringly, newbie or selfmade porn isn't always always the best in terms of video and production high-quality. that’s now not what continues me coming lower back. no, what continues me coming returned to newbie porn time and time again is the possibility of finding a intercourse tape of a lady i recognise. perhaps it’ll be a female i went to university with, the barista who makes me my lattes every morning earlier than paintings, or even an ex … who knows. nicely, it’s that possibility mixed with the reality that beginner porn, for my part, tends to be hotter for the realism that it conjures. even if you don’t find a girl you understand, at least, you’ll discover a person who looks like her!

in other words, selfmade porn just tends to be more real, greater plausible, much less contrived. don’t get me incorrect, i like the hardcore, hd conventional overacted porno just as plenty as the following man, but every once in a while, you want a smash, right? you want some thing a little extra right down to earth, more practical. and that is honestly one of the blessings that beginner porn has going for it. real ladies, actual sex, real orgasms. no longer a fake tit or overexaggerated moan in sight. simply uncooked and passionate fucking.

whether you select expert porn or home made porn (or perhaps a chunk of each like me), there’s no denying that the myth of locating a porno of a lady you know is a pretty commonplace one. a lot so that the porn network, mofos created an entire site surrounding that very concept: i realize that lady, a domain that turned into originally committed to exceptional, professionally shot pornos presenting beginner or up-and-coming women. i say “firstly” for a motive, which i’ll get to in a bit bit.

a recognition to stay up to
iknowthatgirl.com is a website, genuinely, that you’ve in all likelihood run into at one factor or any other. they engaged in a pretty competitive advertising marketing campaign. specifically in the site’s infancy. while the web page first released in 2008, i keep in mind running into "i know that girl" commercials on each porn web site i went to. there has been no escaping it. they have seeing that calmed down their advertising and marketing for this website online, but most of the people have simply at least heard of it through this point. nicely, perhaps now not “the general public,” what i imply is maximum men who spend a questionable amount of time fapping to porn at the internet. so, in other phrases, maximum guys.
so, back to the idea of i realize that woman “firstly” being a domain especially dedicated to beginner or unheard-of women … yeah, regrettably, that isn't so much the case anymore. simply, this isn't always unusual with many ‘newbie’ sites which are run via expert studios. the identical component befell with dare dorm, if you keep in mind them. numerous those sites start out proposing amateur women getting fucked in professional contexts and, for some thing purpose, someplace down the line, they grow to be slowly morphing into expert porn sites with famous porn stars that try to preserve a bit of that newbie aesthetic within the shooting fashion. i don’t recognize if this is because the studios run into loads of legal grief through employing newbie girls, or what, however it’s a common practice.

so, these days, the likelihood that you're going to peer a female you know on i know that woman is narrow to none. until, of direction, you understand a whole lot of porn stars, wherein case, every porn website online type of turns into a model of i know that woman. but this is very manifestly not the case, so almost really won’t recognize any of those girls.

novice porn aesthetic, professional porn
that doesn’t always suggest that i recognise that lady isn’t still a hot web site, although. sure, it’s a bit disappointing that they've deserted their newbie roots (the entire point of a website with a call like i understand that woman), but the porn remains amazing, and they seem to have caught to some of that home made aesthetic inside the manner that they movie scenes. the motion pictures still frequently begin (as they usually have) with the two actors hanging out at domestic as a pair, playfully flirting and chatting a bit earlier than inevitably making their manner into the bedroom.
there, the filming style is a mixture of pov and ‘tripod,’ wherein the fellow will set the digital camera down somewhere and pass fuck the chick. this way, you don’t lose that conventional i know that lady intimacy … it’s still ‘a pair’ supposed to appear as if they're filming a non-public intercourse tape. the only real distinction is that the girls are regularly now not amateurs or unknown; regularly they seem in other mofos scenes. but, as a long way as sexy and stripped-down gonzo fashion porn is involved, i know that woman still dominates.

i do have one principal difficulty with the website, though. and this is that it isn't always smooth to find from the mofos web portal. this is surely an difficulty with a number of mofos older websites. when they switched over to their fancy porn portal to make getting access to all mofos content supposedly simpler from one location, it appears to have had the alternative impact. certainly clicking on i understand that girl from the “sites” dropdown menu at the pinnacle of the web page will not carry you to the web page. i don’t recognize if that is a simple broken link difficulty or what, however it's far truely annoying (specially coming from one of the top top rate porn studio websites at the net).

as an alternative, what you'll must do is locate i know that lady thru tags. browse through the movies through tag rather. look for a video marked with “iktg” and click on on that tag to be delivered to all i understand that girl motion pictures. even getting to that factor from the porn portal is sort of difficult, although. as opposed to searching for the videos from the portal itself, you’ll need to click on the type of diffused hyperlink that reads “maintain to mofos.” from there, you must be able to search by category and, for that reason, locate iktg. may want to they make it any fucking harder?

after you are absolutely within the mofos site, though, things get a hell of loads simpler and the web site layout a hell of a lot better. now it’s smooth to browse motion pictures. you’ll find a banner on the pinnacle of the web page that is marketing new scenes in a slideshow, in addition to a domain menu bar up above that. right here, navigate via from films, women, sites, cams, top rate, meet & fuck, and promos. i would click at the films tab if i had been you. now you will be capable of seek the complete catalog of mofos videos and watch whichever ones you have got get admission to to. sort motion pictures via launch date, top-rated, maximum regarded, or alphabetically via identify. you can additionally prepare seek results by means of date (each time, this week, this month, or this year), via web page, or through class. why can’t the complete web site be this clean from the moment you log in?

one element this is undeniably superb approximately i recognize that lady, though, is the fact that they upload new scenes frequently. you may count on a emblem-new scene about as soon as per week. now not best does this imply that you may constantly have new content to experience from i know that girl, but this also way that you may have heaps of older scenes to discover at the same time as you’re watching for the following scene to be published. with i recognize that woman, you get both high-quality and amount. in reality, you've got, as of the time of this writing, 503 scenes to test out. and that range is only growing all the time.

all in all, i know that woman is a wonderful porn website online with heaps of brilliant newbie-ish professional porn influenced with the aid of the home made aesthetic. if you love selfmade couples films but hate the terrible high-quality that they regularly are available in, i understand that girl will be simply the website online for you. will you already know that female absolutely? probable no longer, however that’s ok, you’ll recover from it when you see smoking hot herbal women sucking dick and using cock like there’s no the following day.

I Know That Girl Review

The Good

tremendous professional ‘newbie’ porn
tons of movies
new upload approximately once every week
community get entry to

The Bad

shitty site layout of “porn portal”
motion pictures form of difficult to find