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at female scanner you may get to peer a number of the maximum recent releases and older motion pictures from different acknowledged porn web sites, and they all may be downloaded. in truth, all you could do is down load their content and now not plenty else, that's why i am honestly a piece careworn as to why they determined to name the website aka… what does that even stand for?

while that could sound all peachy and shit, it is not all that high-quality. don't worry, as this is exactly why the fuck i am here, so just sit down back relax and experience studying. i shall go over all of the vital crap, from the design to the capabilities and the overall content. this must be sufficient to tell you if this is a domain you want to go to or not.

solid design and user-friendly features
this vicinity does no longer look the first-rate, but at the same time i’ve seen worse shit obtainable, so i labeled it as strong. but, it does provide a as a substitute tacky history, however at the least all in their shit is simple to recognize, so i extraordinarily doubt that you may have any issues surrounding the functions on girl scanner. with that said, now not all their functions paintings/are essential, in my view.
at the homepage, you'll have plenty of recommended shit to explore, and all of them will offer a few information. on top, there is the usual menu that would also assist you navigate via, however you furthermore mght have the navigation functions on the side of the website online. in case you are interested by what the website has to say approximately their content, simply scroll all of the manner down.

hd content material for download
whilst the web page may suggest that you may be capable to observe a whole lot of random shit right here, that is truely now not real. you'll simplest be furnished the download hyperlinks and different information concerning the films, however you may now not have the ability to look at any of the clips truely at the web site. now, this brings me to the first difficulty as the downloads aren't all loose, and that depends on in which you'll be downloading the movies from.
first of all, clicking on the photograph will not take you to the real vicinity wherein you have the option to download the clip, which might make fucking experience… you will be taken to a place that is web hosting pix with a shit ton of advertisements, and that saddens me. i suggest how difficult became it to position the hyperlink on the image whilst it's far in each person’s instinct to click on on that shit first.

well, if you want to surely see any information of the films, you need to click on on the identify rather, after which you will be despatched to a section in which you can test out what the video is all approximately. any other difficulty i ran into became the truth that they said when the clip become delivered, but that video did no longer have a whole lot of perspectives, and i'm speakme about all the movies in preferred. i bumped into more than one clips that had zero views, and i am involved if this shit is respectable or not.

don't worry, when you down load the video you get an real porn clip, that's all that need to count number, right? all of the motion pictures will offer some popular information, along with the longitude, size, and more than one screenshots to help you decide if that is the video you need to down load or now not. all the manner down, you may have a few remarks from the individuals, but with a view to see that crap you may ought to emerge as a member as nicely.

i determined to register, because it changed into unfastened, simply to peer how alive they sincerely are, and that is after I realized that they were not that alive at all. there were no longer that many lively contributors, however that still might be because of the potential to down load all of this shit for free. i mean, i simply created an account to look if they may be alive, even i do no longer think which you should create an account.

the free registration absolutely does no longer serve any motive, since you get to enjoy the web site as a whole lot as you want with out an actual account, so why the fuck could you hassle. if there are any of you who would love to speak to this ghost web page, then move right beforehand, however i am virtually telling you that that shit is quite fucking vain.

style of clips from recognized porn sites
as i've in short mentioned on top, l they offer films from different known web sites, and most of them are not complete-length clips, however i did discover a few that have been. the usual sites they host the films from are realitykings, brazzers, bangbros, assholefever, naughtyamerica, asstitans, hdporn, ddfprod, dpfanatics, and others. just check out the site if you like premium pornography in view that in a sense they offer this crap totally free.
the screenshots which might be provided also are hosted on that ugly picture hosting internet site that need to now not fucking exist… i say which you get to down load the clips without cost, however not actually, without a doubt because no longer all the films have that option. a number of the videos i opened i handiest were given an choice for top rate download, which meant that i might ought to sign in and in reality pay the down load web site to download my crap, and once more that is pure bullshit.

not to mention that i ran into more than one clips that were no longer even reputable, aka they had been deleted. i did control to download more than one clips, and that they labored exceptional, however absolutely, this is an excessive amount of paintings for me which will admire the splendor of pornography. you may say that this location is made for people who can not come up with the money for to pay an real top rate site instead.

even as i used to be browsing, i bumped into a couple of various films, and all of them featured some thing pretty hot. first, of the clips i opened changed into from realitykings, and there has been a warm blonde pornstar who simply loved to get ass fucked. there have been also films featuring the not-so-regarded pornstars, like one indian splendor who prefers to satisfaction her hubby at home in a pov.

there was quite a variety of shits that they needed to offer, but in my case, their complicated manner of downloading does now not make it worth surfing for me. but, those who aren't able to pay for an actual premium internet site are simply going to like this location.

smooth navigation and other features
on the sides, you'll be given other alternatives, so take a look at them out, i did now not bother as plenty. i did, however, be aware that they've a variety of empty options, which serve no fucking cause. one could say that this place continues to be below development, and whilst there may be not anything incorrect with that, i'm certainly confused through this crap.
as i said, there may be an choice to check in, and as a way to assist you to ‘take part inside the web site’ or so they say, however truely, there may be not anything special you get with the registration. you could view some “hidden text” and comment on their shit, but that isn't always well worth the registration, consider me. but, no person will decide you in case you nevertheless sign in, so do regardless of the fuck you need.

if there are any problems on the website, which i'm certain you will come upon in the end, you could constantly ship them an electronic mail and inform them what the fuck the problem is. this shit may be very directly-ahead, you may get an empty space in which you could tell them what the fuck the issue is, and this is about that. i hoped they supplied a faq web page, however reputedly, they're too properly for that.

the ‘rss’ is just a code web page… you then have the person settlement and the dcma, that are all fucking useless to the real site visitors of this site. while i will admire these lads supplying loose top rate porn to individuals who can not have enough money this crap, i'm still baffled through the quantity of vain shit they determined to provide.

their web page kind of works like antique web sites within the past, where half of of the shit was questionable and the alternative half of semi did what it became alleged to do. well, that crap does now not alternate here. virtually, i'm simply hoping that this site remains below improvement, however on the same time, i quite doubt that. basic, in case you are interested in download top rate pornography, then visit

GirlScanner Review

The Good

loose top class porn
downloads from recognized porn web sites
style of videos

The Bad

some questionable site aspects
many pointless alternatives
files hosted on third-party sites