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all right, faggots, i ain’t one to be jerking off to gelbooru lively cool animated film bitches, however now and again, even i really like to shake things up. so these days i’m bringing you a review on a goddamn hentai website. for you fuckers residing underneath a rock, hentai is largely jap cartoon porn. imagine jerking off to bitches from pokemon, except with capability for some unbelievably ill shit, and also you get the overall idea. is referred to as an “imageboard”, although to me it simply seems like a big ass seek engine for hentai. gelbooru is pretty fucking famous, and the purpose why is as it uses a tag gadget so you can easily find the sick twisted snap shots you’re seeking out. with over 4 million pix of ladies and boys ranging from extraordinarily questionable younger to baggy-ass-titties old, now not to mention all types of bizarre creatures and fetishes, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. more on the tag device later.

gelbooru’s been around since 2007, and its legion of slanty-eyed weeb customers keeps to develop each day. you’d suppose with their tiny ass peckers they’d become bored of jerking off, but seemingly, them zipperheads are simply as horny as i am. the website online was constructed off the supply code of some other famous website that’s considering the fact that died out, and gelbooru is now the arena leader of hentai bitches.

it’s excellent however fucking ads make me ill
whilst you first go to, you may get fucking disgusted. among the full-display screen ad raping the entire history and the masturbatory counter of how many pix they have as proven by means of a few anime cunts keeping up signs and symptoms, you would possibly wanna turn around and by no means come returned. but after you genuinely kind something into the search bar and click search, you’ll discover some thing a long way less complicated to swallow.
so allow’s say you type in “taint”, like i did. proper away you’ll see a bunch of photos of caricature bitches’ taints, just like the uploaders had tagged their pix. that’s proper- for every photo you notice here, the degenerate loser uploading it made certain to factor out that a “taint” become in the goddamn image. isn’t that goddamn handy?

on the left, you’ll see a shitload of “tags”. those are popular tags that had been used in different pix. i’m looking at shit like 2girls…alcohol…arm help…”blue kimono”? these freaks make me sick. anyway, you can revel in surfing around those random tags if you’re bored or sense the want to get stimulated to your session.

who the fuck attracts all this shit?
as i said before, all of the content material is from different users, and there’s a shitload of it. four million photographs, that’ll take me like…at least a month to jerk thru! similarly to snap shots, you may also locate lively gifs or even video, by the usage of the tag “video” or “animated” and whatnot. strive “lively bitch_face” and also you’ll see a fucking lively bitchface.
now let’s communicate approximately the tag gadget. look, i understand it’s a great machine. i can simply fucking tell it’s excellent based on playing around with it and seeing how popular this web site is. however in case you aren’t used to it, it may be a huge pain in the ass. permit me explain why.

first, the tag device is all about specifically locating what you want. that means that the web site rejects vague ass phrases that it considers too basic or too prevalent. as an example, in case you search “whinge”, you get to an mistakes website online. you search “cunt”, you get an blunders. you search “slut”, you get an mistakes. as a person who appreciates the fundamentals, this made me pissed off.

but like i said, i get it. as soon as i successfully jerked off and permit my brain start operating once more, i realized that that is why this site became popular. it sincerely encourages the uploaders to make true tags, and the machine stops retards from clogging up the search with silly content. you have to get used to the use of underscores loads. that’s ___ <- this shit, for your tags. like you may’t search “tifa lockhart”, but you need to use “tifa_lockhart”. it may get perplexing.

whatever, in case you are a loser who likes jerking off to cartoons all day, i’m sure you've got 0 life and may learn and grasp this machine. arigato to you faggots.

there’s also a few different bizarre things which i’ll quickly pass over. first, seemingly, you want to be a member to do a little more complicated tag searches. it’s loose to join although. 2nd, they've this weird wiki that is simply random as hell. again, this is a few weeb internal-shaggy dog story network shit that these nerds love to jerk off to even extra than pix of cartoon girls getting fucked with the aid of a cartoon starfish. the web page additionally features “swimming pools”, which might be businesses of really specific photo-sorts. as an example: “blacked ladies - anime women who love black cocks”. eventually, it has a hyperlink to a doujin sister web site, which is basically hentai comics.
what i like
properly, manifestly there’s a whole lot of content material. hentai is cool because you may see characters from cartoons you want. similarly to anime, it has characters from american shit too like april o neil from ninja turtles, dc characters like catwoman, bitches from surprise comics, and many others. copyright legal guidelines? who offers a rattling, those are cartoons for fuck's sake.
also for you ill fucks, there’s a shitload of lolicon. for people who don’t know what this is, top, don’t you ever fucking examine. i just felt pressured to say this due to the fact apparently, it’s a massive reason why this website online is well-known.

what i hate
there’s one component i hated about this web page, so permit me provide an explanation for. there’s a lot of advertisements, sure, however it did this one worrying shit that i fucking hated. one time i spread out a link in a new tab, however within the unique tab, it secretly went to a fucking ad! so after I went returned to my first tab to check out any other %, ta-da, i get a facial of an disturbing full-page animated ad.
now, after I tried to copy this to see how it triggers, it didn’t occur, so i’m now not positive what the exact code is. anyway, i just feel just like the site is type of shady and sneaky with its advertisements, so i’m warning you now so that you don’t get too frustrated as i did.

additionally like i said earlier than, the tag device desires a few being used to. while you operate tags incorrectly, you get sent to a weird errors web page speakme approximately some chickens or some shit, after which a few message telling you to “test your blacklist”. i didn’t understand what the fuck this shit turned into speaking about, so i ended up having to google it to discern out what become happening. i nevertheless don’t understand precisely what the fuck this is, and no i ain’t gonna research. it just wasn’t intuitive.

however once more, i am getting that they have a motive for this shit. weebs are degenerate ill fucks, however they're clever.

fucking restoration that shit!
while you send your customers to an error web page, definitely provide an explanation for why the fuck they were sent there. i recognize you weebs want to have your mystery little circle jerks and shit, saying shit like “fujiwara from kitonasabe ko intei is the most kawaii~~ senpai!!” and then looking down on a ordinary individual for not understanding what the fuck you just stated, but for a website this attitude ain’t the best. it makes the site unwelcoming and unintuitive. fuck you!
also, settle down on the commercials.

in ordinary weeb style, gelbooru (often misspelled as "gelboru", "gelburro", "gelborou, "gelboruu", "gelbooro", "gellbooru", "gelborru", "genbooru" and "gelburoo") is the kind that you may inform is sensible and well-designed, but additionally has a very inclusive nature to it which can make it tough to breakthrough. it’s similar to a fucking anime. at the start, you just watch it like what the fuck is that this shit, but at some point, it clicks, and then you begin stepping into it and learning all the bizarre mumbo-jumbo zipperhead shit which you have been calling faggotry 5 mins in the past. that’s what this fucking web page is, and it is the first-rate at it.
have a laugh, and don’t neglect to devote seppuku after for being such faggots who can’t even jerk it to a actual girl.

Gelbooru Review

The Good

very open and free model, based at the now-defunct danbooru internet site
over four million pics to pick out from, and hentai can get very particular (and disgusting)
the tagging system is the nice manner to find what you need, and it encourages uploaders to proportion their items as nicely
many famous characters which includes the ones in western suggests and comics
there are many “booru”-fashion forums like this one, however that is the most important one with the maximum porn

The Bad

disturbing ads
you have to find out how the tag system works. in case you do it incorrect, you get sent to an error website online.
similar to above, vague tags will result in errors, and lots of tags are blacklisted that can piss you off.