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e621 animated, zootopia, pokemon, mlp... man, there’s a variety of degeneracy in porn. such things as pregnant porn, amputee porn, fatty porn…humans are fucking extraordinary. well, fucking odd is one element, but then there are furries. furries have a unique region in my coronary heart as it’s the only fundamental fetish wherein you move far from humans. and what’s actually first-rate is how fucking famous this shit is…among people!

i blame disney, brainwashing youngsters with strolling and speakme animals making fuckfaces from a young age. the ones unwell fucks knew what they have been doing when they made beauty and the “beast”. besides…

on the subject of e 621, we've a popular danbooru-fashion imageboard dedicated to furries. danbooru imageboards all follow a comparable template that makes it smooth for customers to upload their own content, at the same time as permitting humans to look pix the use of keywords. danbooru is the call of the unique famous website that used this template.

the good factor approximately those varieties of forums is that when you discover ways to use one, you can take a look at out a bunch of other danbooru-fashion porn web sites and navigate them effortlessly. this template has end up superb popular over time, nevertheless present considering its origination in the mid-2000s.

going a touch bit into the history, this web page changed a similar board known as sidechan in 2007. it turned into seemingly attacked generally over time from hackers. e621.internet also has a sister web site called e926, which is essentially e621 with out the porn (why even?), so i wager you may go there for the network and more “artistic” part of furry faggotry.

a stable danbooru web page
the format of e621 is a trendy danbooru set up. the front web page is like google with just a seek bar. considering that they don’t even give you pattern pix or categories to browse, you have to know that this vicinity is all approximately keywords. keywords are the satisfactory system these nerds have discovered to date to browse the absurd amount of content material quick.
there’s additionally a simply small menu with links for login, posts, comments, tags, the wiki, and the forum.

after you do a search, you’ll get the usual format with the gallery at the proper and the quest/key phrases on the left. for e621, the trending tags are proven on this toolbar so you can happily jackoff along other furries global.

there’s plenty to explore in this website that i don’t have time to get into. the wiki will give you key articles on how the internet site features and how you can come to be a great contributor. there’s usually little technical shit you need to recognise when the usage of these websites.

the board also has a huge community, and there may be a chatroom as well as a discussion board to get to know your fellow furry freaks. i don’t have a login so i didn’t test out the chat, however i’m sure it's far very wholesome and not degenerate in any respect.

one element to word is that the site capabilities diverse hairy artists on their very own posting board. you get an easy to navigate list of the name of the artist, at the side of all of the posts which have the artists’ photographs. this is terrific handy to check out a gaggle of the artist’s paintings right now, and it looked like the artists have dutiful fans who're constantly uploading their shit.
there’s a variety of furries in this international
over 1,500,000 hairy porn snap shots can be determined on e621.net. there ought to be a ton of furries available based on what number of images there are, and that i’m sure a variety of them understand and participate in e621.internet. all danbooru-fashion forums get their content completely from user uploads, and e621 isn't any one of a kind. this means you’ll get a ton of content that is clearly numerous, however there may also be a ton of shitty ass shit as well as the every so often fucked up shit that you wish you may neglect you noticed.
the site additionally has these items known as “swimming pools”, which acquire all the related pictures of a subject into one gallery. that is super for comics and exploring an artist’s paintings. it’s outstanding worrying while you seek and locate one virtually exciting page of a comedian, after which you need to pass dig for the rest.

swimming pools make it a lot less complicated to discover that sort of linked or associated content. the best thing about swimming pools is that it has a seek characteristic, so you can locate swimming pools of the bizarre particular shit you’re searching out and visit town. i discovered this more a laugh than just browsing commonly.

one final note is that there is a lot of sfw content material. which means there’s a lot of non-porn content, which i think is fucking dumb motive they have got a sister website committed to that shit. however either way, just remember that you’ll run into loads of animals wearing clothing as nicely. there’s also a whole lot of cool and excessive skill art motive of this, but significantly, aren’t we just here to jack off?

what i like
it’s top notch to look while a group of like-minded human beings can without a doubt come collectively and percentage their assets to make some thing brilliant. the degenerate twisted model of this awesome idea would be e621.net, wherein crusty eyed freaks wearing fox masks and pretend tails jerk off to cartoons of animals with big cocks and huge ole titties.
the quantity of content itself is certain to be unmatched at the net for furrydom. the web page additionally has a ton of animations, which trust me are simply interesting and noticeably high first-class.

the fine one i noticed is that this 3D animation of this roided out horse with a two-foot cock intimidating some other roided out horse handcuffed to a chair. you spent years in a community college digital artwork class to make this shit!?

what i hate
those types of photograph boards always have a mastering curve, now not only for the usage of the web page however also getting used to its subculture. this could be worrying at the beginning, and i think numerous humans both get annoyed or too weirded out to stay long-term. this danbooru-board was installation to be a great deal greater consumer-friendly than other ones i’ve seen, but learners might get burdened.
i additionally didn’t locate any real movies, and that i believe the platform doesn’t allow for it outdoor of factors like webms and gifs. this is preferred for image forums, but for me porn just isn’t porn without video. we've got the era for it, allow’s use it!

i'm able to’t hate on the board for a way they positioned advertisements, however just be warned that there are advertisements sprinkled around. also, all the commercials are for weird bushy shit, and are hilariously shitty.

how do you are saying “extra classes” in wolfspeak?
there's a primary class for popular, but now not for ratings. the website may need to put into effect more huge categories to browse the area with. specifically important is that the main website online toolbar key phrases are absolutely “trending tags”, while for other danbooru websites i’ve seen the links are plenty more numerous and thrilling.
the problem with this is that it’s difficult to browse and discover new content material. if you’re searching by means of key phrases…well…you most effective know the key phrases you realize. in case you’re searching with the aid of trending tags, that shit doesn’t tell you some thing approximately whether it’s right or not. all is that its popular at that second, which doesn’t suggest a good deal.

i additionally think the website online should attempt to find a way to remove ads. don’t communities like this aid each different like crazy with donations? i’ve visible furry porn artists make fucking health practitioner salaries from patreon! less ads are usually higher.

the humorous aspect about my guidelines is that e621 and danbooru customers will in all likelihood scoff at them. and virtually, i might trust them. that is the kind of web page where the customers get off on their “exclusivity” and lifestyle, similar to 4chan. i renowned all that. however i’m here to study a website, so fuck it.

it’s all disney’s fault
i don’t realize what the fuck furries are wondering with their strap-on tails and weird humping noises, but they make a damn good website. e621 is a solid danbooru clone in terms of navigation, speed, and layout. although ads exist and are annoyingly furry-related, they're tastefully placed and never immoderate.
besides, what the fuck is there to even say? either you fantasize about fucking animals, otherwise you don’t. there is no in-between! if you don’t find it irresistible, why the fuck would you ever come right here? but in case you do find it irresistible, e621 is one of the first-class, accept as true with me.

it can also do you some top to study danbooru boards. those photo boards are the first-class whilst it comes to speed and locating the content material you want. there are plenty of porn websites based on this template, and it’s one of the pleasant i’ve visible for non-video content and network.

E621 Review

The Good

many sorting options
proficient artists
use of tags
animation gallery
exquisite acquainted format

The Bad

restrained filtering of content first-class / numerous garbage
ads (shitty hairy ones)