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it’s time to go right down to brown town with this subsequent website. no, i’m now not speaking approximately scat. thank fucking god. time to head down and get freaky with some anal porn. one of the most famous fetishes out there. it’s up there with all of you freaky feet enthusiasts obtainable. but there’s some thing amazing-hot approximately going to pound metropolis on a few bodacious babes’ plumb booty. and those love that shit for a reason. it’s tighter and feels fucking amazing. you know you’ve were given a keeper whilst she likes taking it in the ass. that complain is bound to be high-quality kinky. it’s honestly a sign of good things to return.

for this one, we’re heading returned to daftsex.com and going thru their selection of excellent anal motion pictures. and if you haven’t study my different evaluation of the website online, then permit me provide you with a quick stats rundown. over 25 million perspectives each unmarried month makes this web site one in every of the bigger loose porn sites available. and they have only been round for the reason that 2015. in four brief years, they have skyrocketed in views. that’s fucking fantastic, so the website online must be awesome too. permit’s test that shit out.

in case you type in “anal porn” in the search bar up top, you’ll be taken to the page that i’ll be going over. they have got a quite big choice of non-anal related content, so move explore the relaxation of the web site if you need to. the layout isn’t bad. it’s pretty standard for a free porn tube like this. white background, large previews down most of the web page, and a pretty minimal header up top for “hottest, class, and pornstars.” no frills. no bullshit. though a darkish mode would be excellent. the white can be sort of vivid, but that’s not a large complaint.

first rate website online layout, but the consumer revel in fucking sucks
the previews are quite decent. you don’t get any kind of animated preview or slideshow, however they're a good length and soak up pretty much the entire web page. plus, the pix are hd, so you get a whole lot of detail from the preview alone. just scrolling thru you may see the name, maximum of which might be in half english and half cyrillic for some reason. then if you hover your cursor you will get to look the video length, time uploaded, and amount of perspectives the video has.
before we get into the video player, i have to inform you men about the bullshit advert enjoy. holy fuck is it horrific. i realize it’s loose and all, however the ads right here do now not ever stop. the complete web page starts off in which if you click everywhere, you’ll get redirected. and you need to address that twice before you can even attempt to click on a video. then, when you can click on on a video, you’ll get redirected some more. and then when you try to click play, you’ll get redirected. oh, want to rapid forward? redirect once more. this website online is one large fuck you when it comes to ads.

there are other banner ads and popups which might be pretty fucking misleading. i had more than one pop-u.s.a.pronouncing i may want to “movement all of the movies in 1080p if i established a chrome plugin.” yeah, right, don’t fall for that bullshit. so, be careful with the ads. quite a few the sites i were given redirected to appeared pretty shady as nicely. but wait there’s more. the site will try, time and again, to push notifications on you. it’s tremendous demanding. there are even little “1080p” tags on the motion pictures themselves that just link you to a domain that makes you allow notifications after which has a few location to go into credit score data. fuck that. i guarantee you it’s a scam.

lots of complete-duration hd anal videos that you may down load totally free
however allow’s flow on and talk about the terrific anal content material. there’s quite a few it. you can keep pressing “show extra” and it appears to move on forever. though it’s a bit difficult to find particular fashions and shit considering that so a lot of these titles are in cyrillic. and it’s now not even like lots in their traffic comes from russia, so i don’t realize what the fuck is up with that, but it makes navigation almost, almost as disturbing as the advert experience. and the titles which are in english are regularly just things like “quality porn, sex, large, new, brazzers,” with no context.
to filter the content, you could do the standard stuff and slim it down to video duration, relevance, view count number, rating, and many others. however the satisfactory button to use is the only that filters out the entirety that’s not in hd. and, man, there has been a lot of it. earlier than i clicked on that button maximum of the motion pictures, i noticed were locked in at 420p or decrease. i may want to see the pixels. gross. however as a minimum hd takes you as much as 720p. you received’t without a doubt discover any 1080p videos on here, at least now not until you want to move beforehand and click on one of the shady links and installed your credit card facts, but i wouldn’t suggest that.

the video player seemed to paintings quite nicely. i had a slight little bit of buffering on the hd films, however not anything that turned into going to damage my anal escapade. you can toggle the first-class, click the download hyperlink to open up a player in a separate window that helps you to shop the video in up to 720p, and all of the other normal alternatives like comment, rate, like, add to favorites, and so on. there’s not anything brilliant unique approximately it or some thing, however it’s genuinely now not awful. and, after some deep diving, they do have movies of the greater popular anal sluts like lana roy, natasha teen, and that goddess nelya. you’ll just must do a little trial and blunders with titles to discover what you’re seeking out.

mobile web site works, however the advert enjoy is even worse than desktop
the cellular website online is satisfactory for what it is. it is able to be scaled better. i assume the video previews are a chunk small, however that’s something. by hook or by crook the ads are even worse on mobile devises. requests for notifications, redirects galore, and it’s even harder to avoid them when the commercials are so large on cell and the films are so small. frustrating as fuck. it makes the web page experience awesome reasonably-priced and shady. i usually hate that shit.
theporndude’s favored function
my favorite function about the site is that they sincerely do have complete-duration hd anal porn movies which you might typically only see on paid top rate web sites. it’s not simply 5-10-minute clips that end all through the nice component. here you get hour-lengthy films that display the entirety from starting penetration to delicious anal creampie. and every dirty detail in among. and, while it does work, the video player is quite satisfactory. i like which you have down load alternatives on a free website. that’s constantly a fab function.
theporndude’s tips
oh man, i have a variety of recommendations. the primary one is to relax the fuck out at the advertisements. i won’t harp on it anymore. throw in some lively previews, too. the web page layout is okay, and that i’ve talked about many of the other problems. no matter my complaining, the web site surely isn’t too bad at all. they have got a strong choice of pleasant content, anal and in any other case. i’d want to see perhaps a model web page added to the web site too. lots of warm babes who had been taking it within the ass like champs that i have by no means visible in other videos earlier than that i’d want to know greater about.
theporndude’s final thoughts
all in all, daftsex.com is a pretty average porn tube with an amazing selection of fine anal porn. the person enjoy is horrific. there’s no sugar-coating it. but the content material simply might be really worth it if you like premium content and don’t want to pay a dime for it. the commercials are aggressive, and the content can be tough to discover, however there’s no denying that they have got a shit ton of fantastic content material. in case you fucking love anal then move on over and check out daftsex.com and seek “anal porn” for a few complete-period hd movies.

DaftSex Review

The Good

high great, complete-length anal films all free of charge
movies from all the maximum popular pornstars
unfastened downloads

The Bad

heaps of traumatic ads!
cellular web page may be designed better
difficult video titles makes it hard to navigate