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Cunt Wars

cuntwars aka chick wars! what a fucking call for a site. they're without a doubt not messing round. no, cunt wars isn't always about a couple of chicks finally duking it out in a hoop, though that could be terrific., made by means of hooligapps, is a card-based method game. i know, i know. it sounds lame, but before you cross zipping up your pants and taking your wank elsewhere, pay attention me out. i’m normally quite bored with the aid of porn video games in popular. there’s never enough motion, the sport concept is usually pretty weak, and there’s constantly a few form of capture wherein you have to play for ten hours before you notice a titty. this game is a welcome exchange to that overdone formula.

remarkable computer and cell experience
the whole lot for cuntwars runs to your internet browser, so that you don’t ought to download any weird software program to play this. you create a login using your email and it saves your progress for you as you move. having the game in the browser has the introduced bonus of being able to close it out speedy if everybody walks by. simply hit that x and also you’re returned for your excel spreadsheets no trouble. just ensure to have headphones in, and ensure you don’t should rise up for some time due to the fact this sport gets you rock tough very quickly.
cuntwars also has a cellular model of the game where you can download an app and preserve your bitch gathering, demon-slaying journey over there. it’s no longer at the android or ios store, but if you type in the internet site in your cellphone it will take you to a web page in which you can installation the app. and i have to mention, it runs fucking exceptional. all of the equal functions because the computer version. no lag. you could sync your progress, too. the only trouble is that it’s a bit of a battery drain, however it’s in reality now not the kind of sport you can play outside of your own home until you need people seeing big titty hentai babes throughout your display screen. so, i’d in reality advise playing in the comfort of your property.

truthful plot with jaw-losing illustrations and animation
the concept for the game in all fairness honest. it is a delusion rpg in which you play as the dude named adam who is going through some sort of hell to defeat demon lords, gather bitches, get fucked, and advantage strength. nothing hard. no twists and turns. you eventually release new characters and the story likely receives quite deeper, but that’s the primary focus of the game.
the game is exquisite to look at too. extraordinary animation and lots of lewd characters, scenes, and cards. the whole thing has vibrant hues, and it without a doubt looks like the artists positioned a variety of time into crafting all the sexy shit you get to peer. hell, the loading display suggests your boy adam surrounded via all styles of hot demon bitches doing all sorts of kinky shit. the playing cards and pictures aren’t all boring vanilla shit both. you get bondage, oral, anal, squirting, lactation, ft, and all kinds of fetishy scenes for all of you ill fucks out there.

whenever you win or lose a combat you get this victory or defeat card that shows your man or woman both fucking or getting tied up with the aid of all of your enemies. and it’s no longer the equal pics each time like different games. you get distinctive scenes depending on what monsters you combat. that’s pretty fucking sweet.

clean game to select up
once in a while these porn video games can be first-rate fucking complicated. there’re typically a dozen options in which you have to micromanage all of your competencies simply to play the damn sport. thankfully, cuntwars takes a different technique. you start off with a prebuilt deck, and this smoking hot demon bitch walks you through a dozen or so fights before you go off to your own.
basically, you play the sport by means of drawing a hand complete of cards with attractive demons, angels, and different fantasy chicks. then, you may set cards out on the field below in a melee row or set down cards in one of the two ranged rows within the back. the opponent can then location playing cards in front of yours as a way to do conflict, even as moaning and making cute hentai noises alongside the manner of route. each card has distinctive abilties like splash damage, piercing damage, summoning, double attacks, shields, etc. it’s a full-fledged method card recreation for sure.

the purpose in a struggle is to defeat the opponent by using getting beyond their cards and hitting them without delay until they may be all out of hearts. you hit opponents directly by means of having no enemy cards in the front of your playing cards. as soon as that takes place, your bitches will assault them at once and deal harm to their heart counter. when they hit 0 you win and generally get coins, gems, and enjoy.

lewd characters, minimal microtransactions, and sexy individual improvements
coins let you buy more bitches or gadgets in the store. gems are a top class foreign money that allow you to turn out to be a vip, or you may buy one-of-a-kind booster packs with it. thankfully, it seems like you may earn those gems at a incredibly affordable tempo without dispensing your difficult-earned money. vip popularity lets you earn even more gemstones, get more lives in positive areas, do greater online raids, and other quite appropriate blessings.
it doesn’t get you any unique porn that i will see and that type of blows. revel in allows you to upgrade your bitches and make them extra powerful. after they get more effective, you likely guessed it, their playing cards get lewder and they get sexier. i upgraded one in every of my snake girls and it made it in order that she lost her blouse. now, her titties bounce round whilst she’s on the battlefield. hell yeah.

the main storyline has you combat through the various circles of hell to defeat demon lords. when you get to the cease of a quest you release a kinky picture of your individual in a few type of warm state of affairs. the pix aren’t animated as i'd have appreciated to look, however they may be nevertheless truly fucking good for a porn sport. you can even move back to view them inside the gallery if you need some non-public viewing time. however the adventure segment wherein you embark on the principle plot is best a small section of the sport.

the authentic game comes when you complete that and get to the various leagues. those leagues are raids that you may do alone or with different gamers and friends online. you could also interact in one on one battles with players on line to earn a whole lot more gemstones, cash, and enjoy than you'll simply doing tale missions. those leagues go from 1 to 29. you begin at 30 and sooner or later make your manner all the way down to 1 by way of doing battles and leveling up. and judging via the chatbox that constantly runs behind the game customer, i'd say this sport is pretty fucking active. lots of gamers to crew up with, so you don’t have to fear approximately getting certainly into this sport simplest to find out that the servers are a ghost city.

theporndude’s favored functions
my preferred function approximately the game is actually the cardboard building device. it’s what all right card games were missing all of those years: porn! who knew that lewd cards, a amusing warfare device, and hot hentai noises changed into what we had to take aggressive card games to the following degree. everything approximately the device makes sense. it’s now not too complicated, so that you can soar proper in even if you haven’t played many card games earlier than.
also, the balancing of the sport is on point. what i imply by this is that video games like this generally push an excessive amount of sport and no longer sufficient porn. cuntwars is a pretty perfect blend of each genres here. they give you the porn you want with out also sacrificing the gameplay for it. it’s competitive, amusing, hard, and hot as fuck. it’s like the best female friend.

theporndude’s final hints
my best inspiration would be to peer some lively sex scenes. the nonetheless photographs are top notch, but it will truly flip this shit up to 11 if they had brief animations. other than that, no court cases here!
theporndude’s very last mind
cuntwars is an high-quality rpg card sport that you must absolutely attempt if you’re into these sorts of games. embody your role as demon slayer and step into hell! pass get bitches, fuck demons, and feature a great time with this game. i’ll see you in league 1!

Cunt Wars Review

The Good

amusing intercourse game with heaps of content
attractive characters and sex scenes
smooth to choose up
brilliant desktop and cellular enjoy

The Bad

no lively intercourse scenes