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the internet is complete of, if not anything else, a group of crazy shit. maybe you’ve seen some of it. come on, don’t lie – no judgment here, amigo. we’ve all “accidentally” stumbled upon a few fucked up shit on the net that we can by no means be capable of un-see. who among us has not long gone down a overdue-night time rabbit hole of strange and morally ambiguous websites? permit pass of your dick for a second and raise your fucking hand, due to the fact i realize that you are one of the worst offenders of this. if for no different purpose, curiosity gets you at one factor or every other.

in reality, there may be so much fucked up and disgusting shit on line that there are masses upon hundreds of websites devoted to not anything else but offering ill fucks with the sick shit that they crave. whether it’s snuff movies, suicide videos, scat porn, or worse, you'll have no trouble in any way finding any and the whole thing there is to see on the net. all of us have this innately morbid interest inside us to see fucked up shit. no person is resistant to it. that’s why each time there is a horrible automobile twist of fate on the limited-access highway, anyone and their moms will sluggish down and careen their necks to try and get a glimpse at the deadly, twisted scene.

the same morbid impulse exists on line, too, in the form of extreme porn sites. there's no shortage of free porn tubes and blogs devoted to enjoyable the ones darker urges of human hobby. whether or not it is a website like extreme tube or motherless, the sickos usually have a digital playground with which to revel in their weird and disgusting dreams. if you are one of these human beings that likes to go down those dark rabbit holes every so often, you are not alone. but, in case you are any such humans that likes to fap it to scenes of abuse, gore, or the like, please close down your computer right now and pass discover some assist.

some thing your motives are – fuck, i don’t need to recognise approximately them – you are in good fortune (if you may without a doubt call it that), because i have but another loose website full of loopy shit for you to check out. the web page in question – that is called, rather as it should be, – may also or won't burn pictures of violence or vile hedonistic pleasure into the lower back of your mind. however, from the appears of it, loopy shit has gotten extraordinarily less loopy over time.

maybe a touch tamer, but clearly nevertheless fucked up
i suggest, don’t get me incorrect, this site nevertheless has lots of atrocious and stunning material to soothe your internal sadomasochist and fry your mental make-up for days to come, but it seems like they've started out to restriction what can and cannot be posted – at least a bit bit. some years ago, for instance, you may have stumbled upon movies of straight bodily and sexual abuse. one video i don't forget seeing, specially, some years in the past on crazy shit featured a dude jacking off and busting a nut on some other man who was very simply overwhelmed half to demise at the floor.
fortunately, it appears as though this stage of crazy has been curbed. rather, you could count on to find tamer tiers of loopy, which can be, if something, extra exciting and uncooked and less strictly fucked up and sinister. for my part, being a person of extraordinarily sound intellectual health, i welcome the alternate. and that i hope that it remains this manner. when I visit those darker corners of the internet, i need to be stunned in a interesting, thrilling manner, no longer mentally scarred and traumatized. nor do i want to look any website advocating brutality and abuse, irrespective of how interesting it is able to be to a few. and fuck you if you disagree.

today, though, crazy shit is lots much less probable to publish motion pictures of abuse. as an alternative, you can assume movies with titles like the first few at the web page’s domestic web page: “4 guns you don’t typically convey to a combat,” “wtf is wrong with japan (vol. 4),” and “dumbass of the week shoots gun as opposed to taser.” as you can see, there is without a doubt nonetheless a few crazy shit to be seen here, simply no longer as crazy as jacking off on a half-useless man’s face. i’m sure you could nevertheless discover videos like this at the site if you did a touch digging (i’m certain as fuck not approximately to do it…). but, for all intents and functions, loopy shit has gotten their shit together – as a minimum on the subject of what they feature on their domestic page.

content you gained’t find anywhere else
further to bringing you a fuck ton of loopy, humorous, and fucked up porn videos, loopy shit has lots of non-porn content to “experience” as nicely (if you’re mentally deranged, this is). a number of the videos that get uploaded to this web site are actually things that would be at the news (if the mainstream information retailers had any sort of spine). one video that stood out to me in this regard became “wounded isis solider abandoned with the aid of his very own squad.” i have no idea how the fuck the uploader got their palms in this video (perhaps they had been the wounded soldier who desired to get again on his asshole squad for forsaking him), but crazy shit is complete of similarly not possible to discover leaks and uncensored current activities content as nicely.
the site itself, in the beginning glance, simply form of looks as if a standard porn tube. at least in terms of layout. you’ll find a website menu bar on the top of the page, and a gallery of prepared thumbnails beneath it. the website online menu bar lets in you to browse by pinnacle classes (injuries, bizarre, crazy shit productions, extreme content material [this is probably where the real fucked up shit is stashed], fail, fan knockers [sweet], fights, humorous, random nudity, slutty, user submissions, wtf, and all classes). to the right of this dropdown menu of classes is a listing of pal websites, together with slut roulette, fap chat, porn games, efukt, kaotic, inhumanity, daft porn, intercourse unload, and – of course – yours absolutely. say what you need approximately loopy shit’s bad taste in videos or moral fortitude, at least they understand wherein to move for the satisfactory porn critiques at the web.

CrazyShit Review

The Good

things which you don't see on television
lots of content
user-pleasant interface
community capabilities

The Bad

hidden hyperlinks
honestly fucking annoying advertisements
a number of the content material is too fucked up