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Celeb Jihad

celebjihad? wtf lol! i’ve in no way been extra taken aback, amused, disgusted, and, ultimately, conflicted when reviewing a internet site. yeah, you fuckers recognise that i have a look at a whole lot of weird and whacky smut, but movie star jihad is something completely one of a kind. sound too exquisite to be genuine? nicely, hold studying to find out.

smut blended with satire?
first of all, celebjihad maximum different feature is that is payments itself as a satire website. in reality, the website online's authors declare, no matter all the pores and skin pics and films, that it isn't always a porn web page. by no means thoughts the hours and hours of porn, celebrity jihad describes itself as…
“celebjihad.com is not a pornographic website, as a minimum formally. but, this website incorporates person content which may additionally encompass pix, textual content, sounds, and films of a sexually-specific nature and are supposed for a mature target audience, by means of touring this internet site, you take into account that the issue matter contained herein might also situation subjects of sexuality."

yeah, way to skirt round what you absolutely are. weblog section or no, if you’re posting sufficient hours of porn to last a hospice affected person an entire life, you’re a fucking porn website.

besides, there are a number of in-depth satire and opinion pieces at the weblog segment, however to understand you need to recognize the character that the writer (or writers) who add weblog posts, and this a part of the web page is truly a bit fun.

because the name may advise, celebjihad is a “now not-porn porn-ish site” which has been made with the aid of islamic fundamentalists. if you want to examine that sentence once more, i don’t blame you. in line with celebjihad, the web page turned into based by durkha durkha mohammed who, after being given away to christians missionaries for having camel spit for brains and later getting to know about ‘evils’ of the lady flesh from an islamic guru, sooner or later settled down with a wife in his domestic u . s . a . of afghanistan.

but, tragedy struck durka when he observed his wife reading a humans magazine. the horror! being a virtuous muslim man, he changed into obligated to stone his wife to loss of life instantaneous, then moved to the us and has now sworn to overthrow the evils of western celebrity subculture with the aid of forming a celebrity gossip site and launching an all-out virtual jihad.

allahu akbar, certainly.

in all seriousness, or as a minimum as close to serious as i can be, the author(s) definitely understand the way to churn out off-coloration content material.

kind of like someone else i recognise. ;)

assuming you may navigate the web page to the blog segment (greater on the web layout later) if you scroll thru the web site's blog posts you’ll discover ranting and raving posts which sound precisely like something you’d here osama and his buds bitching about within the caves of afghanistan.

as an instance, one article i discovered reviewed the first harry potter film, durka whinges approximately the glorification of paganism and even "perverse sexuality." the writer indicates that there may be lewd shit inside the film however continuously means that then-ten-yr-vintage daniel radcliffe is a totally handsome guy on the eve of manhood.

it is like how i imagine a pakistani homophobe bitching about how the gays are going to overthrow civilization while getting a lap dance from a bacha boy.

(if you don’t realize what this is, it’s simply as fucking creepy as it sounds.)

so, yeah. whoever runs celebjihad sincerely loves to rip the piss out of radical spiritual kinds and write up a few good jokes, too.

celebrity gossip columns
on the other hand, there may be a bunch of fucking shallow gossip, which i suppose the reader is meant to take critically? i do not know, but at fine a number of it reads like the shallow shit you would here 13-yr-antique girls might gab about in middle school. at worst, a number of the posts ring a bell in me of the gossip rags you notice in grocery store checkout counters.
seemingly, in an attempt to raise themselves from being just every other digital gossip rag, celebjihad's disclaimer says…

“celebjihad.com is a satirical website containing posted rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, fiction in addition to real information. records in this web site may also or might not be authentic and isn't always intended to be taken as fact. superstar jihad’s owner makes no warranty as to the validity of any claims.”

so out of doors of the once in a while funny satire and there may be some content with nudes (more on that later), tons of the relaxation of the written content material doesn’t absolutely have any important statistics, isn’t humorous, or have anything terribly attractive to study or observe.

what a fucking waste of time!

so that you can sum up, the blog phase is hit, or omit and the rest of the site is sketchy at excellent.

decent fundamental video content…
earlier than we get to the outstanding debatable video footage, i’m going to speak about the more vanilla content at the web site. there’s plenty of stuff which is largely public area, as a minimum by default for the reason that celebrities featured, normally don’t care that their nudes are already everywhere in the website.
to offer you an concept, you may see gentle-core, grainy photos of paris hilton's second intercourse tape. there are also compilations of pix and films of celebrities in horny scenes like emilia clarke’s nude and simulated intercourse scenes from recreation of thrones.

it’s no longer terrible, however you can get the same stuff somewhere else and for an awful lot better exceptional.

oh yeah, there’s additionally a gaggle of silly photoshopped stuff depicting certain celebrities doing all styles of grimy matters. in case you’re into respectable digitally altered photographs, you may love it, but i’m now not surely into it.

to be honest, this type of stuff is surely just vulnerable wank fabric.
…however there’s revenge porn…
yeah, that is proper. and yes, this is what i was building up to and why celebjihad is so debatable on line. rather than post authentic video of stunning, massive-titted girls, the losers going for walks this have uploaded gigabytes of stolen and leaked video and pics of well-known ladies to attract a gaggle ad revenue.
not fucking cool.

oh yeah, and the people who comply with this website online are a group of idiots, too. on occasion you may discover some thing which is as funny because the higher blog posts. however maximum of it is in reality a bunch of losers who don't have whatever higher to do than clutter the net with even extra grammatically fubared and appear to get off on trolling every different in the feedback section for what must take hours on stop.

…and shitty net layout
i already talked a little approximately the website online's web layout, and it's miles lousy.
nicely, that is probably an exaggeration, however the way the web page is installation is outstanding sloppy. attempting to find certain motion pictures or celebrities is straightforward, but that’s about the most effective aspect accomplished well. the format sucks, there aren't any preview thumbnails, and locating the high-quality blogs are a ache inside the ass.

on pinnacle of that, rattling near on every occasion you click on on a link, the page opens up into a new tab and the unique tab switches over to a cam web site or some other silly junk mail.

my firewalls are pretty true, so i don’t have to worry about my pc getting inflamed. but i bet that a person who has most effective simple malware safety ought to get their gadget fucked up after simplest cruising around the website for a couple of minutes.

responses to celebjihad
glaringly, celebjihad (often misspelled as "movie star jihad", "celebrityjihad" and "movie star hijab") has gotten a ton of lawsuits from the lawyers from all around the international. from what i’ve heard, the website's proprietors are possibly placed outdoor of america, even though they're in all likelihood not in afghanistan, both.
wherein ever the website’s owners are, if rumors on the interweb are genuine, celebjihad’s domain register may eventually be subpoenaed and the web page shut down.

summing up the web page
like i stated, the sacrilegious, parody content is truely pretty funny, and some of the photoshopped pictures are kinda clever. if i appreciated this web site sufficient, i might endorse anybody ship samples of this website's posts to isis's twitter web page. however, there isn't always sufficient funny posts and an excessive amount of shallow, gossipy bullshit. if you’re one of those shallow asshats who likes that silly shit, there ya move.
but the aspect that fucks me off about this web page is all of the pirated video photos which simplest enriches the nameless, greedy fuckers who run cj and embarrass their sufferers. on top of that, the jackass who runs this web site, don't even very own up to be pornographers. then again, actual porn peddlers virtually have actual skills and rent original skills.

Celeb Jihad Review

The Good

masses of celebrities
leaked intercourse tapes
some of the satire is pretty funny
a few films are ok

The Bad

shitty, low nice stolen videos
even shittier net layout