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Black Patrol

blackpatrol! hey, fellow individuals who experience making their male genitals nonfunctional due to over masturbation. as you all know, i am a version citizen who respects the law and always supports the humans in blue. i pay my taxes on time, i pay my payments, and i'm by no means past due with hire. however, upon viewing this website, i sort of desire i was a avenue thug. because on this website, you can see wonderfully attractive milf police officers who're purposely searching for young delinquents and outlaws, in particular the dark-skinned ones. after which, they provide them blowjobs and let them use their pussy as a preserving cellular. and satisfactory of all, it is all in public! so other than the walls of their vaginas, these thugs will stroll away unfastened. they don't even want a legal professional. anyways, after this hideously awful description of this web site which a few retarded people will declare is racist, allow us to begin with this overview.
general first impact and homepage
when you affirm that you need to enter the site, you're unfastened to browse this clearly approach that your surfing is restrained and you can handiest view one video as a preview. after that, you may either buy the club or get the fuck out of there. but it's truthful due to the fact this site reminded me of why i really like writing approximately porn inside the first place. you spot, you don't get that political correctness crap in porn, and you could simply say what's to your mind without any effects whatsoever. who the fuck is going to label me as a racist or misogynistic man? nobody, due to the fact no person gives a fuck, everyone's right here simply to get the porn supply anyways. but, in those films, you could discover what actually looks like a police raid, which is genuinely sincerely fucking notable. i am surprised that the appearing seems notable too. all in all, nothing appears faux, and you could see that places within the effort. lamentably, you do not get every other previews, however don't worry, we will describe this one in an awful lot extra element later.
you notice, closely is predicated on parodying the current troubles in america, and they specially focus on the whole battle among black human beings and law enforcement officials. the reason why i point out this is due to the fact one indispensable a part of the navigation on is the descriptions. in case you're now not ok with sketches depicting racism, even fake one for the sake of gags, get the fuck out of here. but, yeah, the first element is the descriptions. essentially, the complete site is ready scrolling down, so that you might not even locate a lot of something else. the narratives which can be colored darkly are on the whole about the web page itself, and what it could provide to new clients, however you furthermore may have other kinds of descriptions as well. basically, when you combine this website online, it's like as if you blended south park and porn, and created a hilarious episode. i honestly could not even jerk off to this. i'd just giggle my fucking ass off.
subsequent up, you've got the movies on their personal. you can see the participant where you can play them, however you want to pay first, which clearly sucks because i am curious. subsequent to them, you have a gallery of snap shots, you know, police officers sucking black dick and stuff like that. underneath that particular video, inserts some descriptions about what is really occurring in it. and these descriptions aren't like your regular porn. they're actually writing them as if they're a fucking fb web page of a police station somewhere in arkansas. i don't know. i just discover everything to be hilarious, you recognize? a fucking porn site impersonating cops, with a couple of fats milf's sucking black cock, after which you switch in into a display? oh, i simply love the 21st century!
the best study command button that you have on here is the be part of button, and it's surely too early to get on that in view that we have a special phase for registration. what you need to recognize, though, is that registering is the simplest way to view this content material. and that i think it's really worth paying due to the fact, except the jerking off component, you could additionally make some popcorn and experience the show. i mean the drama in this will fucking remind you of those vintage mtv suggests again in the day. i mean, whilst are we making teenage pregnant porn tv or some thing like that? i am equipped for that. but best in case you location them in a big mansion and allow them to combat over a couple of cocks and a huge % of crack. and then their infants can play crack basketball for the reason that we've got already stated south park.
the perks
the perks on are nonexistent if we don't depend the funny fact facet of it. you don't get something before you pay. i mean, one unmarried preview, even if it lasts a complete minute, won't reduce it. you need to get at the least a few of them earlier than you clearly get to understand how this works. humans do not want to pay before they recognize what they may be paying. but in case you do not pay, and if you're black, you would possibly as well follow to seem in one of the motion pictures, perhaps they will hook you up at no cost. lamentably, i'm now not black, so i can not do it. and that i suppose i've a massive cock, but i can not simply measure it with the immense sizes on here, you know? mine is just to jot down and experience my success, no longer sniff the ass it really is sparkling out of the cop uniform
the content, as some distance as i can inform
nicely, you simplest get one preview on, but that preview is hilarious. as a minimum it tells you what they are traditional video ordinary includes. as an example, at the start of the video, you spot three milf police officers abusing one black guy, calling him all forms of names. and then the poor fella starts offevolved complaining and explaining that they're accusing him with out proof. and those cops don't supply a fuck guy. we even get the action collection wherein they're charging on the entire gang with weapons. it's nearly like a real raid, they also have a cop vehicle proper there, with the sirens and everything. i mean, what can i say approximately this? what have to i say about this? in case you blended the rookie tv show with the workplace digital camera style plus comedy primary humor, that is what you would get. i imply, even the biggest genius could not invent this. if i had to bet, i might say that the only man or woman capable of making something like this is a guy who idolizes law enforcement officials, drinks mild beer, hates black people and is addicted to porn.
if you are inquisitive about what the women appear to be, they are not anything special. i suggest they're thick, however now not in a horny manner. it's more like in case you took 3 fats housewives from tennessee and gave them a badge and a gun, and permission to cheat on their husbands. desperate housewives could not even come close to this, and in case you inquire from me, for a women's garbage show, it turned into quite addictive. basically did the equal component, just shifted it to a cop display style and were given the low budget model of the women.
as for the movement on, they may be sucking dudes' cocks as a way of interrogating them or getting proof samples. or they're making them suck on their cunts as a few form of punishment. i do not know. and then the sex comes and increase, those crooked criminals are someway reformed. the fats cunts of justice have stopped them, and now that the pussy scares them, they may by no means devote a crime again. in fact, they might not even come close to a girl once more! perhaps they are no longer ghosts, however that is ghostbusters all once more, the female model.
registration and conclusion
properly, the registration is interesting. if you click on to sign up on, they redirect you to a few vendo offerings, and you pay your fee there. you may pay like thirty-some thing bucks for a one-month club, or you could pay a bit over one hundred dollars for a complete year. all in all, the charges are first-rate. i would just buy the club, honestly because i need to be a part of this. if you remove the sex element, i assume that you could in reality sell it to a television community. this is a gold mine right right here, women and gents. the made of this century, and it's pretty fucking true in case you ask me. peace out!

Black Patrol Review

The Good

funny content
properly expenses
clean to browse

The Bad

you get a small preview most effective
the design sucks
the sign up technique is type of dull