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do you omit bondage é bdsm tumblr? nicely, it’s official – tumblr porn is dead. for those of you who do not know, as of december 2018, the webmasters at tumblr, in all in their expertise, decided to permaban the posting of all erotic content on their platform. of direction, which means that all of the existing porn is being systematically eliminated that means that the simplest factor of substance left on tumblr are purple-haired, indignant sjw feminists screeching about the oppression of the patriarchy.

that means that there’s even more server area for even greater tumblr vomit.

incredible, right?


so, in reaction, the interwebs are a-humming with articles linking to sites that could come up with your tumblr-style porn restoration. some of them are k, a few are accurate, and some are just meh. most of these new websites are simply getting off of the floor, so there is not much to look at. of course, looking to get area of interest porn on a tumblr-like web page is going to be even harder.

but, i suppose that bdsmlr might be one of the better tumblr-fashion fetish systems on the net to date.

how does joining this website online paintings?
whilst you sign on to this internet site, all you want to include is your username, electronic mail address, and create a password. there’s no need to put up any cash or one by one confirm your account. as soon as started, you could finish putting in place your profile in the identical window without any greater bullshit.
as soon as you have got that, set up the website will show you a way to set up your account and publish your first blog posts simultaneously. for each publish, you may upload an avatar image to rep your account, publish a cover photograph, and all the basic startup stuff that you want to do.

after that, bdsmr will get to the large question: what are your intos? choose one or some (or all of them!) and you will be given a chain of suggested pages you could follow. despite being so new, there's a good deal of range both with regards to categories as well as the posters (and by means of that, i suggest folks that put up, not memes or whatever) and the stuff that they’ve positioned up.

so far, there are sixteen classes which, as you would possibly bet, usually have bdsm content material, however have a completely unique spin on that same subject matter. to give you an concept of what you're in for i prepare an notable little summary for ya below:

femdom – being a conventional lifestyle within the domination world the pages right here characteristic masses of snap shots and gifs of dudes being whipped, flogged, and chained by using lovable girls. you may find each women expressing their desire to be some subby guys dom and dudes expressing their want to be on the receiving end of a few lasses stinging lash.

whilst it’s not my favorite, the folks who run these pages are surely super passionate about this kind of kink. posts of powerful women and beta male cucks abound here with new ones being brought every week, so if that’s what you’re into, enjoy.

maledom – being the alternative of femdom porn, the pages right here function posts of women getting tied up, spanked until they’re crimson, and otherwise humiliated by using alpha guys. there ain’t any sissy dudes or fragile ladies on these pages – just big-titted sluts who can deal with being manhandled and men who realize a way to try this love it’s their day task. hell, looking at a number of the posts, for a number of those humans, acting this kind of kink probably is their day activity. how loopy and kinky is that?

lesbian – there actually is nothing like seeing one or two (or an entire room) of lovable ladies licking lips and lapping up the moisture coming off their damp labias, proper? well, i assume if you've were given a sexual darkish facet, or perhaps i need to say leather-based aspect, there may be one issue that might make it higher – seeing one woman be roughed up by using her sisters with a few lovely toys and wicked-looking tools. that's what you will locate at the pages here, and when you consider that that is one of the maximum popular classes, you have got loads of posts to look at.

latex – what would bdsm be without latex? i suggest those folks who are into light kink can get by way of with out it just pleasant, however for individuals who're into excessive bdsm, latex is nearly a necessity. a few humans use it to mummify a person or themselves and get off on the feeling of being absolutely immobilized, others use just a little to enhance their capabilities, whilst different humans locate it a useful material to boost their bondage play.

on bdsmlr's latex pages, you will locate the flexible kink substance used in all of these ways and plenty of greater. in any case, with so much new stuff being delivered, there's certain to be even more innovative ways to encompass latex in kink play which you could in no way have seen or even dreamed off. stay tuned.

Bdsmlr Review

The Good

while it's miles a exceptional new site, there is a respectable choice of sections to choose from
the net designers are definitely dedicated to creating the great free, user-pushed bdsm site on the internet
you only need to provide the bare minimum quantity of personal statistics which will constantly live secure and secure

The Bad

it's far early days, but there aren’t as many motion pictures as i would really like
there aren't as many pages to observe…so far
apart from that, there isn’t plenty else to complain approximately