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a fan of nsfw porn memes and grownup humor? well, all right, pervs, you prepared to look the sickest shit you’ve ever laid your eyes on? you’re reading the porn dude, so i already recognize the solution. strap on your protection harness and maintain onto your hat. i’d inform you to maintain tight to mommy’s hand, but she’s not allowed alongside. allow me introduce you to 9gag2.

you is probably thinking why i’m bothering to review a site like 9gag. open your eyes, dumbass! i’m no longer talking about 9 gag, the tame and lame meme website online visited by using a million doofy pre-teenagers a day. i’m speaking about 9gag2, your one-forestall portal to all matters gross, disgusting, hilarious, and sexy, even though now not always all at the identical time.

pussies and titties, boogers and shit
9gag2 bills itself as your nice source of grownup humor. that’s fair. i’m a grown-ass guy, and i will’t think about lots that makes me snigger tougher than boobs, wieners, poop, and butts. those wonders and extra are yours to behold on 9gag2.
don’t get the incorrect impact. there's professional horny cloth here—lots of it, surely. pick the beginner class from the tab at the top and also you get a almost limitless parade of sluts round the corner, keen to show off their ripe tits and cocksucking images. simply don’t stray too some distance if you’re seeking to beat off to 9gag2.

the post categories are beginner, cartoon, dark, excessive, fetish, funny, hairy, gay, gif, gross, hentai, public, sexy, shemale, video, and bizarre. relying on your choice, a number of these will glaringly be top wank fabric. others, now not a lot.

a excursion of the internet’s butthole
a whole lot of fucked-up memes and snap shots that work their manner across the ‘internet get their begin on 9gag2. i really like to consider the website as form of like the net’s butthole. the shit comes out and smears its manner alongside the web, leaving its brown mark all over your facebook feed.
the primary page of 9gag2 is the sparkling phase. what you’re looking at the beginning is a feed of the most recent snap shots and motion pictures uploaded by using users. below them are arrows to vote the content up if it’s correct, or down if it’s awful. in terms of snapshots of pussies and pussycats, your vote topics!

you genuinely get a experience for the website online as a whole from that important page. what you notice right here is what you’re going to get from the rest of the web page. out of the dozen images there proper now, about a 3rd are horny, a 3rd are bizarre/humorous, and a 3rd are a few combination of the two.

click on over to the new segment to see democracy in action. the stuff that gets voted up the maximum finally ends up here. 9gag2 customers may be a group of unwell fucks, but they’ve got a good flavor. maximum of the hot segment is, well, hot. fabulous girls showing their boobs or getting railed poll nicely with citizens.

the bloodless phase is the cloth that isn’t doing as nicely. this is in which maximum of the gross stuff ends up. you’ll get things like terrifi asses blanketed with worms, antique girls with sagging knockers, and dudes putting from their nutsacks. there are a few hilarious pictures jumbled together, like a fat dude using a vacuum on his man-boobs.

the first-rate of the quality
after seeing what 9gag2 users vote up, it’s smooth to wager what waits for you whilst you click on pleasant. this is probably your nice wager in case you’re surfing to cum. almost all the very top-voted photos are beautiful women taking dick. the relaxation are stunning ladies masturbating, ingesting pussy, or displaying off their items for the digicam.
this is a nice possibility to point out how helpful the remark segment is. humans need to talk shit about the sort of creeps who frequent these websites, but i applaud these gentlemen scholars. 9 times out of ten, any person speaks as much as let every body recognise who we’re watching finger herself. they gained’t leave you horny and placing in case you discover a slut you need extra of.
the present day holder of the top first-rate role is a adorable young blonde in a quick dress, flashing her pussy in public. a helpful commenter has pointed out that she’s pornstar staci carr, and every other comment even furnished a hyperlink to the full scene. thanks, 9gag2!

the fine of the worst
the maximum hated phase is also quite plenty exactly what you’d anticipate. 9gag2 is already too brutal for most casual internet customers, but maximum hated is for people with iron stomachs and balls of fucking steel. don’t click it if you’re no longer prepared for some heavy shit as a way to haunt your goals and nightmares forever. that is the shit that even 9gag2 users have voted as too fucking gross.
now i’ve probably got you questioning just what the hell is so terrible about it. you simply should see it, don’t you? cross in advance. don’t say i didn’t alert you about the prolapsed asshole, or the female ingesting poop out of some other’s butt, or the guy with maggots infesting his cock.

look, my complete task is looking at smut. i’ve visible it all, from the mild skinemax stuff to the maximum hardcore-to-the-middle porno you may consider. i ain’t your grandma. if i let you know the most hated is seriously fucked up, it’s simply announcing something.

there, i’ve completed the respectable aspect and warned you. now go take a glance. warp that already twisted thoughts of yours. you had been going to, anyway.

gambling (with yourself) with fire
i’ve got a sport concept for best the bravest, most adventurous, most perverted motherfuckers out there. pull up 9gag2 and skim the quality section for the freshest % you can find. locate one that receives you throbbing hard and begin cranking one. then, hold clicking the random link while stroking your meat. if you can bust a nut, you’ll be topped king of the deviants.
the random link is lots of fun even in case you’re no longer jacking off. without a doubt, it’s probable more amusing that manner. random does pretty plenty what it says. you click on it, some random photograph from 9gag2’s series pops up. it might be an novice babe deep-throating a lightsaber; it is probably a bride in her wedding get dressed, spreading her cunt; or it is probably a fats man nailing his nuts to a board.

to be honest, the random pics do appear to include extra spank-worth photos than gag-worthy ones. perhaps you see more freaky images on the principle web page due to the fact bizarre shit floats. i suppose my doctor told me that. besides, i simply clicked random for a minute and simplest noticed a pair that made by way of boner waver a bit. i’d bet i’m still round 70 percent hardness.

who the hell is 9gag2 even for?
i’ll be sincere. as a pornography fanatic, 9gag2 isn’t on the pinnacle of my list after I’ve were given the fleshlight all lubed up. yeah, the site is normally porn and nudes, but that’s no longer the real draw. when I browse the website, i’m evidently going to comprehend the naked women, but what i come for is the weird, fucked-up shit.
loads of people have an impulse to have a look at the things that ought to make us squirm. it’s the same impulse that makes human beings prevent to observe a combat, or gradual down so one can rubberneck a very good vehicle crash. the most eldritch shit on 9gag2 may feed that same impulse. maybe we revel in the shock of seeing some thing unexpected, like more nipples on an otherwise supple breast, or a vagina stretched to take a complete glass of wine.

i also assume we get a little jaded as porn viewers. we’ve all were given the identical net, and occasionally it seems like we’ve visible all of it. hello, humans say we shouldn’t look at these items at all, you may as well display me the worst you’ve were given to provide. wonder me, even if it method displaying me something gross.

9gag2 (frequently misspelled as "9gags") is a superb website to test out in case you need to observe a few porn, but you simplest have a semi or your coronary heart simply isn’t in it. you may become whacking it to some pinnacle-shelf poon, but you’re just as in all likelihood to spend an hour guffawing on the sideshow spectacle.

9Gag2 Review

The Good

sickest shit i’ve ever visible
funny memes
continually a marvel

The Bad

sickest shit i’ve ever seen
lots of non-porn jumbled together with porn
it's a 9gag clone!