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equipped for a few trolling at 4 chan? some human beings could say in case you’ve in no way heard of 4chan, you have to consider yourself lucky. nicely, that’s now not certainly the sort of enterprise we maintain around right here. i realize you’re a pervert, just like me, and you like seeing the most eldritch, freakiest, sexiest and nastiest shit accessible. that’s one of the 4chan’s huge claims to fame.

the web page has been around seeing that 2004 and has had its proportion of controversies. i’ll contact on that a chunk, but there’s continually wikipedia if you need the overall history lesson. i’m the porn dude, so i’m going to awareness on the porn stuff.

the asshole of the internet
4chan has regularly been defined because the asshole of the internet. a variety of the weird, hilarious or fucked-up memes you spot floating around social media-originated on 4chan. quite a few shit comes from the asshole of the net. get it?
the website is a giant set of message boards approximately exceptional topics. they’re technically an “photo-primarily based bulletin board”, or imageboard. posting photographs with or in lieu of texts is recommended.

4chan is an american web site, but moot, the dude who started out it, became really into eastern shit. there are forums on 4chan devoted to anime and manga, mecha, or even one dedicated to pokemon. there’s additionally a hentai board, if you choose your anime bitches with tentacles up their twats.

in case you’re no longer into japanese culture, you can constantly dig into sports, technological know-how and math, or literature. there’s a pretty extensive range. what do you want? track? automobile? my little pony?

in reality, i realize what you want. there’s a whole adult subset of imageboards: horny lovely ladies, hardcore, grownup cartoons, and approximately a dozen others. that’s wherein you’ll locate all the grimy belongings you’re searching out.

who are you? i’m no person
one of the matters that makes 4chan specific is which you don’t should login, sign up, or discover yourself in any way. by using default, each person is anonymous, and absolutely everyone is allowed to begin or reply to threads.
appearance, i understand what sort of freaks examine this website. you heard the entire region is anonymous and your perverted mind is taking into account all of the special kinds of freaky shit you can do and notice in an area like that. you’re entirely right, too.

the random board, also known as /b/, often has discussions about incest. in reality, they commonly call it wincest. you won’t consider the shit people are willing to cop to whilst anyone is a stranger. granted, most of it is probably made up, but it’s hotter than maximum of the shit on erotic tale sites.

genuinely, /b/ is where a ton of the action on 4chan is. something is going here, so 1/2 of it's far uninteresting as hell, but the complete element is truly speedy-paced. scroll the down the page as soon as and by the time you refresh, you’ll have a whole new set of shit to take a look at.

i’m a huge fan of the /b/ threads wherein human beings share social media photos of their warm sisters, other halves, and co-people. do you realize what’s even better, although? pix you aren’t alleged to share threads. /b/tards serve up their exes and currents in all their bare glory.

inside the spirit of sharing, the stoners like to show off the fat nugs they’re smoking this nighttime, and the elaborate glass portions they’re doing it with. you’ll also discover threads detailing issues getting laid, unrelenting cuckold fantasies, and hairy threads for the fanatics of dog-man or woman anal scenes. strangers are so accepting!

anonymity can get quite unpleasant, too. scrolling through /b/ right now, i see what appears to be a professional picture of someone dicking a mutilated corpse on a gurney. there’s also a thread that opens with the question, “what do you certainly consider black human beings?” if youtube remarks disillusioned you, /b/ will make you kill your self at the same time as chanting, “do it, faggot!”

4Chan Review

The Good

amusing and traditionally crucial website
bustling community
heaps of porn
tons of other pix
nameless posting

The Bad

strict policies - can be easy to get banned
all people calls you a fag
bizarre rules on some boards